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  1. morts1968

    morts1968 New Member

    Good morning all
    New to the site but very excited.hope to learn more about this site as i go on.
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  3. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Full Member

    Hi! Good luck on your weight loss journey :)
  4. Good Luck on your journey!
  5. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy minimins. Im new too
  6. nic2ie

    nic2ie Full Member

    Hey there. Day 2 on site do you guys have much to lose?
  7. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    I'm trying to lose 1st12lb which will bring me to 13st. I'm eating healthier.....can't say I've cut all the rubbish out but hey we will see and then I'm running as well
  8. nic2ie

    nic2ie Full Member

    I'm only trying to lose 10lbs! I've put on 3 stone over the last few years and every attempt to get rid of it has failed so I'm setting myself a small goal which hopefully will be easily attainable and then when I reach it I'm hoping that will be the kick start to getting rid of the 3 stone.

    Cutting out junk food and coke this week to see what a difference that makes and I'm going to make the effort to move around a bit more, but can't see me ever getting into running but you never know!

    Good luck with you weight loss.
  9. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    I really want to lose mine, it's not the heaviest I've been, I was a 40" waist at one point and over 16 stone.

    I eat well at home as my nan lives with me and she does a lot of cooking so my evening meal is usually pretty good but I snack on chocolate and crisps and eat a lot of crap at work which has resulted in me being very tired and sluggish all the time

    Plus I've got my first born on the way so I want to be fit and healthy for when she wants to go running round the park lol
  10. Baxk

    Baxk Full Member

    As I've already mentioned in niec2ie's thread, the solution to many problems of mine was the simple, easy and steady approach; replacing from my take away menus one, just one unhealthy choice, with another quite satiating but healthy one. After 2-3 weeks another one and so on. Started also with just 5 minutes of exercise and adding gradually.
    Another point is the way I was celebrating my victories doing 3 things: 1.
    feeling a true sense of gratitude for the goal I had accomplished. 2. celebrating my victory, not with food bribes of course and 3. giving my mind a break for a couple of days, you know not being highly focused and taking a little change of pace.
  11. nic2ie

    nic2ie Full Member

    Congratulations on your new born on the way James if that isn't incentive to lose the weight and get in shape I can't think of anything that is
  12. nic2ie

    nic2ie Full Member

    I think you have the right idea Baxk slow changes are more likely to work out in the long run. All my other attempts at losing the weight have been diets and have failed miserably. It's true what they say it's a life style change not a diet.
  13. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    The only diet that worked well for me was Slimfast but I can't be on Slimfast the rest of my life lol

    So at the moment if I do have a cheat then whatever, end of the day I'm not going to go the rest of my life never eating junk again, just got to eat smaller portions and less junk

    Thank you, can't wait for her to arrive, due 26tb June so everything at the moment is getting nursery ready and shopping for baby things :)

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