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Hello - Tips and Advice


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Hi Annabella. It is hard at first, but boy is it worth it. The first week is the worst as you go through the carb withdrawls phase, but if you can stick with it (the headaches, the tiredness, the hunger, the 101 trips per day to the loo and the feeling of constantly being cold) you'll be amazed at how much you've lost in your first week.

My advice would be:
1. Cut down your carb intake running up to starting the diet
2. make sure you drink 3 to 4ltrs of water a day
3. don't be tempted to cheat or pick as it really does bugger up your weight loss

You get shut of that 2 stone in no time at all. Good luck :)


Getting thinner everyday!
And stock up on paracetamol for the first week just in case the headaches kick in.

I did what Lou suggested above. Before starting LT I de-carbed through slimfast for a couple fo weeks as I already knew how it felt to get into ketosis as I'd previoulsy been on the Atkins diet.

When I went on the Atkins diet I felt really rotten. But after slimfasting for a couple of weeks and de-carbing beforehand, when I started LT I was absolutely fine.

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My tips are to get your water allowance in, I have bought 4 1l bottles of water and i fill these up daily. I know by bedtime, i should have 4 empty bottles and if i dont, i havent kept up with my water intake. I always make sure i have a bottle beside me, ie if i am at the pute i have one there, or on the couch i have one there. and it becomes second nature just to pick it up and drink.

Also if you are cooking for people, to save me picking, while i am making my kids tea, i make my shake or soup and i sip it while i am cooking, I feel that it takes away from the temptation of sneaking that crispy yummy looking chip in my mouth.

Persevere it is tough the first few days, and your tummy with think ur throat has been cut, but it is really worth it. I am starting to notice a difference on various parts of my body 2 weeks in.

Most importantly - log in here daily, it keeps you going as ur spurred on by others weightloss and if you are having a bad day there is plenty of people to kick your butt. I kept a diary for my first week.

Good Luck


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welcome I started 7 weeks ago and have currently lost 24.5 on lipotrim, take the advice of the others, I ave recently found that decaff coffee helps in the loo department so if you can stomach it drink that as well get through the first two weeks and its a good diet, good luck.:):)


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Welcome belle
You will be fine. Just drink the water. Try a variety of shakes to see what you prefer. I personally like mine hot with coffee.(Vanilla that is) Did you get a shaker from the chemist? Great for getting rid of lumps. But you musn't use it for hot drinks or it will explode. After 3/4 days you should hit ketosis and start feeling a lot better. Just try and take it easy when you start. Log on here to take your mind off it and before you know it you will have your 1st week over and a fab weight loss to spur you on for week 2. xxx:):)
heey i just started last saturday and ive lost a stone so far so happy! my goal is two stone before i go on my holidays, the first few days were pretty tough but ive drank lots of black coffee,green tea and peppermint tea and they have really kept me going!
Just try and distract yourself as much as possible, ive started cooking alot for other people and have also turned into a cleaning demon!
Dont try the mousse! it nearly made me sick :(
Welcome and good luck.

As has been said, the first week or 2 is the worse. Someone once said to me that they loved children but couldn't eat a whole one - well in the first week I could have polished one off no problems!!!!! Even the carpet started to look appetising!!!! It does get better and I managed 8 months last year without any problem. You won't need to be on for nearly as long - I'm guessing 2 months at most - so it is defo doable. This site really helps and the arcade will get anyones mind off food!!!

As for the packs, try all of them and those you hate, try again in a month or so coz your tastebuds change. At first they will taste strange coz of all the vits and minerals. Try varying the amount of water you add to them. The instructions say 250ml but I used to add 400-450ml to mine and blend it for a couple of minutes to make it seriously yummy! Try adding coffee to the vanilla and choc and try them both hot and cold. I always preferred mine cold. The flapjacks are like marmite, you either love 'em or hate 'em, I liked them! You can also make the choc with peppermint tea, hot or cold.

Afternoon all,

Lipotrim123 - well done! I too also started last week Saturday...I had my first WI yesterday and had lost 11lbs! Last week was hard but I survived...I don't know why, but I think this week is going to be harder :(
Are any of you doing exercise as well? I went to my usual Step followed by Body Pump class and really struggled...I thought I was going to pass out! I probably just need to take t easy...

Hi Everyone
Just thought id say from reading all your threads, how well you are doing (da iawn), which has resulted in me making an appointment to start lipotrim. My diet starts monday!!!! Just wanted any tips and advice really on what to expect.. Is it hard? i have about 2 stone to loose.

Best of luck, just come on to this site anytime you need encouragement, tips and hints. I found some difficult days up to week 2 and a bit, but then everything got SOOOO very easy....yes it's true! I cook every night, I sit and watch my OH and friends eat, while I nurse a glass of water and I am absolutely fine...I've never felt so healthy, havent been as slim for over 20 years.....so hand on heart, this is the best thing I have ever done.
Thanks guys - Day 1 today and to be honest its not as bad as I thought. Dont feel hungrey at all, although I do find the shakes a lil sickly, but ill soon get used to it eeekkkk. did find it hard coming home from work to find my bro and sis muching cornbeef pie and chips :cry:

keep up ur hard work guys - i really hold my hands up to u!

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