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Hello to everyone starting a VLCD


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Hello to everyone, I'm an american living in Italy. I will be starting a VLCD on the 18th of Oct. The reason why in 2 weeks because I had to go and have blood test done and a physical and etc. which I did yesterday. I'm going to be doing the Eurodiet since I live in Italy and the Cambridge Diet isn't avaliable here in Italy :mad: so I did some research on the Eurodiet and asked around and it got good reviews and seems to be a bit like the Cambridge Diet. I think the only neg was that it can be a bit pricey but with the meals prepared and etc.. its what I need since I travel for work and really don't have time to cook meals and etc..

I'm 5'4 and weigh maybe 156/158 not too sure as i dont weigh myself much it can demotovate me so I usually look at inches and how my clothes fit. my inches are waist 26.5, hips 40 and thighs 24 and my goal is to get down to 125.. Until I start my VLCD on the 18th I'm doing calorie counting and getting a food log to be more aware of nutritional value of the foods that I eat, and I know once I have lost the weight this will be important in maintaining the weight..

I'm looking forward to sharing my progress in this forum and any advice and support you guys have is also welcomed..:D

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Welcome to the support group

Hi Morenachica:)
You will get a lot of support here, the people are very positive and because we all face the weight challenge and want to look after our health you will get great advice.
Shame the diet is not available in Italy, I have a friend in Spain who also wants to use the diet but is following a Low GI diet instead.
Look forward to hearing your progress,
all the best


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S: 12st2lb C: 8st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 3st6lb(28.24%)
Hello Jane and thanks for the reply.
I know I'm still fuming that the diet isn't offered in Italy :mad: but at least I did find the eurodiet which is a form of the CD diet and I'll see how it goes.

This forum is great and I will post my progress and keep everyone informed... I'm doing calorie counting now which has been good but I'm definitely ready for my VLCD but I do realize that you need to visit a doctor and be under their supervision when starting a VLCD..

My goal is 30 pounds and I will lose those 30 pounds.. :D


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Hi there.:) Just wanna wish you luck with Eurodiet, how many cals in a day? From what I remember reading, it's three/four packs a day various flavours?


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S: 12st2lb C: 8st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 3st6lb(28.24%)
hey there Lynn and thanks for the encouragement with the VLCD. 3 or 4 packs a day I'm sure I can handle that and I will do it.. So you have tried the Eurodiet.. Also one other question how do you get the scale on the bottom of your messages :D
Hi Morenachica

30 lbs is about 2 stone 2lbs? Well with your determination you will get there. :)
Yes it is a condition that you let your Doctor know that you are on a VLCD also should you become ill then stop dieting (sure you know that already).
With Cambridge some of my clients have lost a stone (14lbs) in a month but this is very variable, everybody is different and we lose weight in line with activity level, metabolism, start weight etc the main thing is to lose weight safely and be in good health and spirits.
I lost 28lbs when I started VLCD and then moved up the steps of the diet to basically low GI food and it is 2 years now and I am keeping the weight off because I have changed my eating habits. HURRAH:bliss:
So whereabouts in Italy are you? I have been to Italy once, Verona it is a lovely city and I had super holiday:).


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S: 12st2lb C: 8st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 3st6lb(28.24%)
Hello there misscampbell and how are you.. yes I'm very excited about starting the Eurodiet (VCLD) and be on my way to becoming a healthy weight and staying there.. I read posts and also on websites where people have lost anywhere fro 11 pounds on VLCD the first 2 weeks to 16-20 pounds the first month. I agree i think it depends on your starting weight and etc.. I'm a bit active so I hope that I won't have too much trouble with losing the weight. No here in Italy you must go to a certified Eurodiet doctor and also you must have add your blood tests and urine test and etc.. done when you come for your first visit with your test results so that is assuring that they are serious about you losing weight in the safest way. You are CDC, do you know why the diet isn't in Italy? I wanted to try the CD but with no CDC you can't.

anyway I live 6 kms from downtown Pisa. The small townis called titgnano. verona is beautiful, I never have been there but its on my list but a few of my friends have been there and they talked about how beautiful it was..

I'll keep everyone posted on how I'm doing on the eurodiet. Right now I' counting calories and trying to be proactive and wait until after my visit under the supervision of a doctor before I start the low calorie diet. ;)
Good Luck with the Euro diet x
Hi Morenachica
No info on why we are not in Italy but will ask HQ when I am next in touch with them. I know that in some countries they have so much red tape etc that in some instances it is too complicated etc but I am guessing.
I get a great buzz from helping people reach their target weight and keep it off. I am lucky I do enjoy this job Cambridge is a great diet.
Will have a look online at the Eurodiet not come across it before. It does sound as though you will be well looked after though so that must be quite reassuring.
Good luck with the weight loss!

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