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I *will* be skinny again!
hi roobee!

welcome to lipotrim! you've come to the right place for support & we're all on the same journey! i wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't this for this place! so feel free to ask any questions you may have, someone is always here. :) you'll find this diet to be amazing! good luck! xxxx
Hey Robee, Best of luck with Lipotrim! its the best diet ever!xx
Hi Roobee, Welcome . This site is brilliant for support. Any time you feel tempted ,down or need any advice at all just log on here and someone will help. Its like having a support group in your own home !!!!!!!!.

Best of luck with it. Its a fantastic weight loss program because if you have just your shakes 100% and drink 2-4 litres of water a day you are guaranteed to loose weight. just have a look at some of the weight losses on here . Looking forward to hearing from you .:D


Live for today!
Welcome:grouphugg:You'll be so glad you joined this site. LP is hard for the first week but it does get easier:D The results are soooo worth it tho'.
Hi there.
Well you've made a great diet choice, and a great forum choice!

I can honestly say this forum is a vital part of my own LT journey - it's great to share your thoughts with people who *really* understand, but also, to be able to offer support and tips with people just starting their journey.

Best of luck for your first week, just stick to it 100% and drink plenty of water and you will be fine :)



Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Rob

You wont go wrong coming on here,,,,you wil find likeminded people who are and have gone what you are going through.

This is the best diet ever;albiet tough, but it will reward you if you stick to it 100%.

Keep positive and just keep jumping on here.

Take care
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Well, I am nearing the end of day 2. It has been hard especially when feeding my twin girls (they haven't mastered the spoon yet!) but my first goal is to get through the 1st week really.

The only problem I can see is managing the shakes when I am at work - I travel around a lot to different offices and it won't be easy to make them up. Tomorrow, I am involved in back-to-back briefing sessions all day with laid on lunch in the middle - I think I will just take the soup and hope for the best.

For this reason, I have been looking into the Cambridge Diet, only because they do the ready-made in tetra-paks.

Anyone else faced with similar challenges?

hello roobee and welcome to lipotrim the best website ever it will keep you motivated when you hit the hard times after all we are all human.
love munchies xo
hi roobee
i'm new to this too......this is my first day and, like you, I also travel a lot for work. i've bought one of the shakers to do the shakes in the office and I've also bought a hand held blender which will be going in my handbag (I'm not convinced the shakers will work as well as the blender!)
one of my friends has done this and the results are amazing - she's the reason i'm here!!
try to stick at it and apparently it does get easier once your body goes into ketosis
best of luck and keep us updated x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Roobee!!

Welcome to Lipotrim and the forum!!

You will get loads of support and tips on here, so dont hesitate to tap up a message if needs be :)

Good luck on your journey xxx
Hope you got through your first day on it. It's very tough, but totally worth it. :)
I've been on LT seriously (as in didn't break it at all) for a week and feel great.
Very hard during the summer when lota bbqs etc to stay motivated but the results are great!!
Best of luck with it:)
Hi and welcome best of luck, sure you will be fine


Positivity is the key
Hi Roobee,
welcome and well done on getting through day 2. There are a lot of people working whilst on LT and they do as skinnyminny says by getting the shaker or bringing the blender in. Some even pour it into a bottle and shake that. Remember do not put hot drinks into the shaker as the top opens and it sprays everywhere, as some have found to their peril, wouldn't be good at work!!!
Hope you find solutions to your difficulty. I use the flapjacks and find them great for travelling with, you may find they suit you. Good luck.

Glad to see your first few days have gone well! After the first week you can have the flapjacks; which are very portable. Alternatively, while in ketosis seeing as you don't get hungry you could easily wait until you get home to have your other shakes.

Good luck on your journey!


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