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  1. Paisley

    Paisley Wondering to gain wisdom

    None! Never again!

    I used to be weddingmousie on the Discovery Home and Health forums. I recognise quite a few names - Diva, Geri, icemoose... And WOW icemoose!! I think you were started your journey whilst I was on mine (June-Sept 04). I lost 3 stones back then, but have since piled it all back plus another stone whilst being pregnant and housebound :eek:

    Baby is now 5 months old, so we've gone to mix feeding so that I can shift some of this weight as it was starting to trigger post natal depression.

    My mum is a CDC - she did CD after she had seen my success on LL - so I'm quite lucky that I only have to pay £19.20 a week instead of £66 a week :eek:

    Today is day one - I'm 14st6.5lbs as of this morning (some of which is down to TOTM, which started this morning, great! :sigh: ) My goal weight is 9st7lb.
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    welcome to minis!

    ought be be nicer that u already know a few faces. how cool having a CDC for a mum lol.

    best of luck with the journey.

  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Helloooo Paisley - and WELCOME to Minimins :D

    This site is sooooo FAB....crammed with loadsa lovely peeps and great advice and support !

    Look forward to sharing your successes with ya !


  5. Paisley

    Paisley Wondering to gain wisdom

    None! Never again!
    Thanks ladies :)
    It's been a good first day. Nothing really tempted me except for our eldest son's reheated dinner LOL

    Here's hoping tomorrow is as easy as today.

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