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Hi everyone
I am on Day 4 of CD and I think this is probably the hardest one yet!
I'm finding the soups and shakes ok and quite like them ( which surprised me, I thought they would taste horrible!!!)
I'm doing a night shift tonight so I'm a bit worried about how I'll cope in the small hours as I would normally eat sugary junk and I've already had my 3 packs today. I'll take another one with me and if I get hungry I'll have to have 4 today, at least that will be better than stuffing with junk :)
Does anyone know if it's ok to add salt,pepper or herbs to the soups?
Well I'm off to get ready for work, god I hope it goes quick and I don't spend the whole night obsessing about food!

bluemoon xx
Just keep drinking the water! every time you feel the urge to eat, drink again and again until you are going to the loo every half hour!! Try and distract yourself whenever you are going to eat!

Let us know how you get on and Good Luck!
I know you cant add salt, but not sure about the others! Someone will answer that for you soon!
Hi - black pepper and stuff like tabasco are fine - I would be careful with the herbs on SS as some of them can kick you out of ketosis, so probably best not to risk it.

If you get really uncomfortable, have more water or - as I prefer to do - have a nice cuppa black tea (usually peppermint) with a couple of tablet sweeteners. That stops my hunger pangs!

Good luck!
Let us know how the night shift went Bluemoon..xxx
well it's 2.46 and so far so good! Thanks for the replys I can see that this forum is going to be a great support over the coming months.
Hope you are still going good and coping with the nights, let us know how you are getting on x
Day 6 and still going strong, did my 2nd night shift last night and still SS (hooray for me!!) It was hard about 4am because I was tired and wanted a sugar fix but i tried the peppermint tea as isobel suggested and that really helped.
Seeing my CDC today to get some more supplies so hopefully i will have lost something!
i'll let you know
Well done on ssing whilst doing nights. I used to work nights and completely understand how hard it can be!

You have done really well - heres hoping it just gets easier and easier for you and that the weight melts away quickly!!
Hiya Bluemoon

I put chilli flakes/hallapeno shakes and black pepper into my chick an mushroom soup and its lovely and hasn't affected my weight loss at all and when i'm doing cd it never takes me out of ketosis!!

Gen xx