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I have just found your site. Am in the 2nd week of my Consolidation period. Have been following the diet by the book only. I am a vegetarian- don't eat fish or eggs, but have not found this diet difficult to follow. Have missed cheese but now I can have my daily fix, miss the nuts and blue cheese, crispbread and marmite can't wait until they are introduced. Never have been keen on bread would love to replace it with Ryvita:eek:
I lost 16lb and reached my target weight on the 21st February. like others I have found that my weight flutters between gaining & losing approx 1 1/2lb -never mind I'm sure I will settle down.
Have read many of the diaries and would like to congratulate you all on your weight loss - it certainly works.
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** Chief WITCH **
Nice to meet you. Why not open your own diary (in the diary section) and then we can learn more about you.

Well done on your weight loss.

Never forget that, in Conso, those foods which you mention which aren't yet for you in the normal reintroduction process, CAN BE YOURS as part of a gala meal...
Fantastic, I forgot I could use them in my gala meal - thank you for reminding me.

I've just been told I've been invited to France in a couple of weeks time. I'm not looking forward do going to the restaurants I have to work out the menus very carefully.


** Chief WITCH **
Invited to France... lovely! Whereabouts? I'm up north, and Robin further south, so perhaps we can help.
The words 'gala meal' just made me feel hungry! Just how seriously suggestible am I?? lol.


** Chief WITCH **
haaaa! a carrot to motivate us to get to Conso...


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How did you do it without eggs! Well done.
Care to share some menus? Be useful for other veggies asking.

I think one of our conso people swapped bread for ricecakes some days and several have a few beans in soup instead sometimes.

Well done for getting so far.
To answer you question about eggs, I have never been able to eat them or meat, I could only start drinking cows milk about 15 years ago not fond of it prefer soya. Was advised I could drink it instead but only 6dl per day, that was enough for me.
Needless to say I didn't miss eggs. Lived on cottage cheese, yogurt, quark & torfu. Torfu very bland so I curried with various indian spices from my local indian supermarket (don't use Tesco's!) yogurt or quark to make a sauce and when I could start using vegetables the curries just got better and better.
Sorry I don't have any recipes I always make my meals up so no 2 are ever the same.
I have a mousse recipe which I do use and spoil myself,
low fat jelly made with 1/2 pint boiling water ( I use veggie Jelly )
when melted add 1/4 pint cold water
add 1 carton quark, 2 pots of yogurt
Whisk and put in the fridge - now I can have fruit I often add them too.
The hardest part for me is deciding what gala meals to have, I have always loved my veggies and don't really have a sweet tooth.


Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Saleh. I've often wondered how on earth veggies manage to get Dukan to work as you're even further restricted than it is for us non-veggies. Sounds as though you've really cracked it. Well done!

I just wish I could say that I didn't have a sweet tooth. Lucky you with that! ;-)
Hope you enjoy your stay - I'm sure you'll find an organic food shop there for the oatbran if you have no luck at the supermarket - failing that, just put some in your suitcase (cheaper in the UK too!)

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