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I did post this in the newbie section as well but...

Just thought I'd say hello,

just started the lipotrim diet today, had my first shake at 16:00 (I know it was late but wanted to last as long as pos). The shake was vanilla started off tasting nice but finished tasting horrible! Didn't get any soup or bars in my bag just three different shakes. Would have liked a soup maybe next week.

Anyone on this diet recommend any times got having the shakes (2 a day)?? Also what kind of teas can I have? I don't usually drink tea or coffee but thought a cup a day might make a refreshing change from water!

Thank you in advance,

Your fellow fatty,

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Hello there, welcome to the forums... you will find this to be your best friend over the coming weeks!!!

If you are only having 2 shakes a day i would be inclined to split them into 2 and have them at regular intervals during the day. I always try and wait until 10am for my first one providing there is nothing else going on.... and after my first litre of water then the second at 3pm. Most people find the evenings the hardest so maybe save a full one for the evening?

You can have regular tea bags (pg, tetley etc) coffee both black but you can sweeten with a tablet sweetner if you need to (not the packets) and lots of people have peppermint tea too but its an aquired taste. Basically the rule is : leaf tea.
Also try soda water. Just fizzy water.

The shakes get better as time goes on...

Good luck :)
welcome!!! i'm new too on day 6. why 2 shakes not 3???

Thanks for the replies. I believe men for some reason get 2 shakes whilst women get 3.

I'll have to go out and buy some of that peppermint tea! Would drinking tea or coffee have any negative effect on how quick you lose weight? I mean if it did then I'll just go without.

Do people weigh themselves on the 6th day when they get their next weeks worth of lt?

Thanks again


Sensibly losing :)
Hello monkey - whats your name? I feel rude calling you chubby.. and people dont like referring to me as bigun LOL!!

Now, you must be new as you said you might like to try a soup in week 2.. !LMAO!! Er, maybe not! They are absolutely gross. I read about them on here and didnt quite believe it at first so stupidly tried one myself and omg what an experience! LOL! if you DO get one, see if your chemist will give you a free sample - if you dont like it you will be starving like I was and have to survive on only one shake for a whole day. That wont be good! My pharmacy gave me a trial of the peanut flapjack this week and OMG its even worse than the soup - the woman was laughing as she handed it to me and I now know why the box has not moved in the 3 weeks that I have been there!! LOL!

Good luck on your journey, look forward to getting to know you! drink plenty of water water water and more water..! Fizzy water seems to go down better for me and I use my still water for my shakes :) - I also double up the water quantity for my shakes so they fill me up longer and I get more water in me.. and always use a blender if you can as they can be rather enjoyable :)
i just bought some peppermint tea in tesco to try for tonight. 69p for 20 or the box of 40 of another brand are on offer for 99p

Thanks for all the advice and replies. Just bought some peppermint twinings today, it's ok makes a slightly nice change from water!

Also I added some coffee to my vanilla milk shake today which improved the taste loads!

This is only day 2 (45 hours since I've eaten - not that I'm counting!) and it's not been too bad (touch wood) not feeling hungry but would like some if that makes sense?

I'm always feeling thirsty, concerned I might be drinking 2 much! Had 2 litres by 12:00 and nearly died of thirst on my 50 min journey to work so I bought some bottle water.

Thanks again everyone.
my daft husband mixed the peppermint tea i had chilling in the fridge with a vanilla shake DO NOT TRY THIS!!!! yuck only drunk half and feeling very sick!!
I think I will try and avoid the tea and milkshake combo!

I'm on day 3 and I obviously didn't touch wood very well and my stomach is really rumbling today! Not eaten a meal since Saturday night.

Might have my first shake within the next hour or so!
Hi 'chubby' (but not for long!!!) I must be the only one in the country who loves the soup! I have it twice a day, It's the nearest thing to 'real' food I can get! Have a flapjack but to be honest it looks like something you would hang out for the birds, I'm saving it for some day that I'm out and about and need something handy. The chocolate shake is lovely as hot chocolate if you can hold on till evening xxx
My friend who went in this diet also liked the chicken soup so I might ask for a couple next week. I find vanilla is the worst one for me even with a spoon of coffee in!

Yesterday was the hardest day so far, feel a bit weaker today but hopefully the hunger and aches will go soon.

First WI on Saturday (day 7) so hopefully would have lost some poundage!

Thanks again,

Look there's no easy way to 'do' this, it's hard, really hard but it does get easier, honestly. I'm not losing as fast as some others even though I have plenty to lose and I'm 100% compliant all the way, but I've dropped a trouser size in 2 weeks, loads of that horrible' spare tyre' and even off my face ( in a good way) so stuck with it, you will be amazed xxxx


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That's great, u will find it comes off and if u don't lose weight u tend to lose inches instead!!
Lol and the vanilla shake with the tea. I did that by accident once with strawberry. Thought it was chocolate and poured it into the tea. Ooops.... Had to drink it though!! Vile!!
Wasn't that much better with the chocolate last night sadly :-( loving the vanilla made with coffee though!!!
Hiya Monkey
I'm enjoying the football too - good match so far!
You're doing so well -nearly through the first week already and that will be the hardest bit over. Are you still just as thirsty?
If I were you, I wouldn't get 2 soups. Not that I want to put you off but ... :p you can ask for a sample one in case like me you can't finish it cos you can't do without one of your precious meals! Your first weigh-in will soon be here - yay!
The football was a good game with a good result!

I was planning to have me first WI on Saturday which would have been the 7th day but just found out they don't open on a Saturday so I'm going in on day 6 (gutted) really wanted that extra day for my first WI.

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