hello !!!


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hi friends !!!:sign0144:
how is everyone doing...rather hows it going....we are all here for a common cause a common goal...
I started the CD on the 17th of Nov'11 and its been 2 weeks now.
1st 2 weeks I was on 3 cd packs n one high protein meal at night.
I lost about 3kgs in week 1 and just 1 kg in week 2.
So since yesterday have moved to only sole source with 4 cd meals in a day...lets see how it goes...

Start Weight 86.6 - 17/11/11 as target weight -56kg asap in max 6months

week 1 -83.6
week 2-82.6
week 3- daily :)
day 1 - 82.2
day 2 -

lets see how this goes...am going to start the cross trainer too today for 35 mins ...hope it spruces it up...
any suggestions...more than welcome...
take care n happy sunday :party0011:
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