Hi Sparkle and welcome, i think that if you do toning excersises whilst losing it will help greatly, i have small weights under my coffee table that i use throughout the day, im sure someone with more experience will be on soon to give you some more specific advice,
I think it depends on how big you are to start with, how long you have been overweight, and most of all, what kind of skin you have!!

I have been pregnant and had a c-section, so no doubt believe I will still have a stomach even if I weigh 10 stone. But it is getting smaller by the day I thought it would just become saggy.

Drinking lots of water is a good idea too as that helps.

I think I will have some saggy skin under my arms (bingo wings) but I would rather be slim healthy and have alittle bit of saggy skin than be morbidly obese with big smooth fat parts lol.

Anyway Welcome and good luck!
Hi Sparkle

Just wanted to say welcome and good luck with your start on Tuesday.

Jazzy x