methenie from london.
Hi :confused:

i did started C D since 2weeks and 4 days now , and i would like to know if i can drink some soup ? i found at Morrisson shop a soup at 10 calories .

can i use one per day ?

in 2 weeks i lost one stone and 8 pounds .


Hi Nell - have you come off CD now then?

If not, then you'd be best off sticking to the CD soups. They have one third of all your daily nutritional requirements - a 10 cal soup won't. If you don't get all your vitamins and things, you'll get ill!

You've had a fantastic loss! Is that you at target then? If so, why don't you discuss the CD maintenance plan with your CDC - going through it carefully is the only way to make sure you don't put all the weight back on really quickly.
thanks isobel.

no i dint finish my diet i start !! 3 weeks yet ! and today on my scale i can see ... lost one stone and 9 pounds.
its a good start ..
i must to stick this diet for minimum of 7 months , i will do this is my goal.
to come here is a support ..


As isobel said its best to stick to the cambridge diet products, there are some delicious soups, ask your councillor to tell you all about the different flavours,

you have had a great loss and good luck for the rest of your journey