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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by jammie, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. jammie

    jammie New Member

    Hi all, my first thread on her and trying to do sw at home, first day being today. Is everyone members here?
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  3. emmag3662

    emmag3662 Well-Known Member

    You'll find loads who do it home too I'm startin from home a week on Wednesday :)
  4. artdecolady

    artdecolady New Member

    Hello There,

    I started Sunday night after my 4-year old went to bed so joined on-line and doing it from home as well. With having to work long hours and taking care of my daughter it is just easier that way for me. I am having a problem with the on-line SW food diary though as you can't mix and match the HEA or HEB you can only pick one. For example, as I have done the shopping for this week (DOH!) I am trying to eat around what is in our cupboard. So wanting to stay clear from bread for lunch I have got some Ryvita wholegrain crisp bread that was already in there so trying to use this up with some of the baby's dairy lee light triangles. The book says I can have 1 wheetabix and 3 of these crisp bread but there is no option for this on the on-line diary to put this with the milk and cheese for the respective meals. I have sent the pdf diary to work and I am filling it in and then putting it in a folder. I think I might well have gone a bit mad on the Muller Light Yoghurts today as I had 2 !! :D Was doing really well until a set back at work but certainly finding this better than Weight Watchers as I am not hungry. Hope you had a good day today. : ]

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