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Hello everyone. I did start CD on Tuesday, but I have to admit I found the fourth day too hard. I was tired, thirsty (yet drinking 5 litres of water a day), hungry, depressed etc etc. I really don't think that diet was for me. I hope people don't think any less of me for giving up on the fourth day.

Today I am back on Weight Watchers - I've already lost 47lbs on the plan - I just ran out of motivation, and got impatient - I wanted the weight off now! Well, after not eating for nearly 4 days, I'm definately more motivated, and in the right frame of mind!

However I want to use eSource, I would use Weight Watchers online, but at £40 to start, it's far too expensive. I've been to far too many meetings for me to remember, and I would like to do this myself - but feel something like eSource will keep me on track. Unfortunately you're only meant to use it if you go to meetings and therefore have a log in code - Can I be cheeky and ask if anyone has this?

Also - how many other people are doing WW here? It seems very quiet in this neck of the woods!
Hey I'm doing WW also. I don't go to meetings, I just have all the books since I have joined about 30 times in the past so I do it myself so can't help with the code thing.

How long has it taken you to lose the 47lbs?
To be honest it's been about a year. I've been on the plan on and off. Was completely off over last Christmas... had a break at Easter, my birthday (any excuse really). I've stalled a bit since June, haven't lost any more or really put any on.

I found it extremely difficult to get into the right frame of mind, doing CD, even for only 3 full days has fixed that and I'm completely into it now though.
Hi Sparkle
Honestly you shoun't worry about anyone thinking any less of you for feeling that CD is not for you, at the end of the day you know youself better than anyone and i am sure you have made the right decision.
I joined a weight watchers meeting on Thursday, after being on VLCD since April, i have lost 6 stone but need tolose about another 2 but was so fed up with the plan that i needed a change, hoping that WW will work for me. Sorry i haven't got a code for e-source but i can try and find out for you next thursday if thats any help.

Anyway look forward to getting to know you and good luck with WW from now on.

Lots of love Busy XX
Thanks Busy, that's really kind of you! I think it's incredible that you stayed on CD for 6 months, you've done fantastically well, you must be so proud of yourself!

People are actually only meant to go on eSource if they go to meetings for some reason. I've been to so many meetings and have all the books so don't feel as though I need to join again. I find I get all the support I need on forums like this.

That would be really good of you if you could, they should give you a leaflet about eSource (or at least have one if you ask). I'd really appreciate it, thank you. :)
Hello Sparkle

Have yo tried slimming world thats not a bad one ive been offically on it for 2 weeks and lost 11lb so far im really pleased with teh results. I done calorie counting on my own 2 years back and lost 7 st in 6 months but found it harder this time. I put 3 st back and now Ive joined slimming world . I follow that on line so have the codes if you want to try to get in.
Keep up the good work
bye for now Tina

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