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Hi I'm new to this following SW but struggling since the lock down and not being able to go to class, been doing it as a virtual class but have put on quite a few pounds already so need some extra support and so here I am. I'm currently off work with anxiety so trying to keep busy and not worry too much. Have two grown up children and a labrador who thankfully needs walking every day so managing to get out. Look forward to meeting you all and hearing some positive stories and ideas to keep me going in these difficult times xx
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I think we are all sharing the same experience. Ive found it harder to control my appetite to certain times of the day and find my self grazing through junk i shouldn't be eating.

The best thing I think is to find another alternative to work. Gardening, painting stuff that needs tending to. Having 2 young kids myself it's impossible to get both calm long enough but you just keep trying.


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I just started doing slimming world again last monday
from home alone no point in doing and paying for a virtual class as personally I am unsure how motivating that would be for me

every day I do write down what I have
pop over to slimming world diaries and I am sure some of us can help you out if you get stuck for ideas or if you need that moral support

so welcome and just do your best

what hobbies do you have?

I know how hard it is to be motivated when you have any mentall health problem so stick with it xx

Miss Scarlett Blue

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I’ve been doing SW since January. Unfortunately I have no job at the moment so I’ve been doing this on my own and not joined a club. I joined here at the start of February looking for a bit of support and to help keep myself accountable.
I will be honest since the lockdown I have found it harder and I’m wrestling more with my emotions, sleep pattern disrupted etc. These are extraordinary times. It is important not to be too hard on yourself and especially as you already have anxiety. Glad you have joined and we are here to help
Things I find useful - and some of this echos what Aaleigha has said:
- write down what you eat each day. I have a book I write everything in. I also have a diary on here (you can find the link in my signature) I started it after having read a few others on here and I was quite inspired. It helps me keep some accountability. There is great support and encouragement and it also gives me something to look back on.
- decide when your weekly weigh in will be. This could be the same day and time you used to go to class. I weigh in on a Monday afternoon. I stick to it every week - it would be too easy otherwise to put it off for a day or two ... or a week! I then record my weight in my diary and there is also a thread for weekly weigh ins. This helps keep me accountable.
- if you have a “bad” day don’t let it get to you. I would say that anyway, but even more so in these extraordinary times. Draw a line over it and get back to plan the next day. Don’t be angry, don’t feel guilt.
- join one of the challenges on here. There’s a new quarantine challenge - anyone joining in is setting a mini goal for what they would like to lose by the end of April in the first instance and we are reporting in with our losses (my first on this will be later today). There’s tonnes of support on there.
Good luck x