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Just thought I would say hello to everyone, I have been looking at this site
for a week or so now and have found it
very interesting and the before and after photo's very inspiring!

I am going to be trying lighter life, a bit
nervous about some of the side effects namely gallstones and hair loss. I have
a friend who is doing it who has lost 2 stone and she is a practice nurse. I was a bit surprised that she didn't look into it from a medical point of view.

I also have a cousin doing it who I would not expect to check it out and she is also doing very well.

I am the sort of person who researches everything and I have come to the conclusion though for me that I need a fast weight loss and then management.

I have tried every diet going and loved the feeling of being in Ketosis when doing Atkins however, I found with Atkins hard to keep coming up with different meals that would keep me in Ketosis. Whereas with LL I won't have to think just take the shakes to stay in Ketosis.

I am hoping then that once I get to my goal weight that I will then find it easier to maintain.

I gained my first 25lbs or so when I gave up smoking, I then proceeded to put on a further 25 lbs or so over the years having my children. I have tried all the diets but never managed to stay on the diet for more than 4 - 5 weeks, usually because I fall off the wagon for an event or something and then cannot get back on. Of course doing conventional diets you are still hungry so I think greater will power is needed to eat the correct thing.

I currently weigh 14st 6 lb and I am not really sure what my goal weight should be. I was 9st 10 when I met my husband and I am just over 5'8" (173cm). My feet have spread over the years, I was a size 6 but are now a 7, so I am hoping that my feet will shrink back if I manage to lose weight. I am 45 now and feel I want to get back my figure before I am too old to feel sexy. However, one of the benefits of
being overweight is that I don't have any wrinkles!

Today is the day that I go and get my form signed by the practice nurse and then I have to wait for a place, I am hoping to get a Monday night starting in a few weeks. I actually go on holiday on the 8th Aug and was willing to do it on holiday but the LL counsellor said to start after the holiday.

Incidentally the counsellor that I hopefully will have has never lost weight using LL, she put on weight at University and became very interested in nurtrition and lost weight herself by devising her own eating plans but has maintained ever since. I think she is quite sporty which you could never accuse me of being. She holds the regular BTEC qualification that all the Counsellors seem to have.

Anyway hello all, sorry for the long post. Will keep you informed of my progress once I actually manage to get into a class.
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Hi Kazd and welcome to minimins. Very best of luck with LL. I'm sure you wont regret doing it :)


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Thanks for the welcome KD, just trying to set up my ticker now!


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Hi and welcome. You seem to know exactly what you are doing so once your form is signed you will be ready for the first class. Good luck

Irene xx


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Welcome to Minimins kazd :D:D:D


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Welcome to minimins. Good luck on LL!


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