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well, I've been attempting to avoid being fed to explosion point by my mother. Apart from that I'm just busy doing Christmas stuff. How about everyone else?!? x


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Hi, I've been doing the rounds with the relatives. Prezzie wrapping and list making for the last minute dash round the supermarket.


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I've been lurking about a bit (don't like to butt in too much as I am not on LL again yet) and noticed it is quiet - maybe everyone is rushing around doing all their last minute Xmas bits and bobs :)


nearly there!! :)
well i just finished doing x mass stuff there today was a mad dass to get a santa pressie xause the store messed up...argh!! got it sorted though thank god!!
got my x mass money off oh today so going clothes shopping tomorro....size 10 and 12s ere we come wooohoo lol!! xx


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Busy doing Christmas stuff

Old habits die hard. Most of the presents I give are home made foody ones.
Whisky marmalade, apple and cranberry chutney, mince pies, brandy butter, herby oils and vinegars.
I've been decoratring the jars and bottles and doing the labels.
I've just finished doing my Christmas cake.
I've got a friend coming for coffee in the morning. I haven't seen her for 18months and I don't think she knows I've lost weight. We'll see.............
Hubby's family coming to tea, then LL
in the evening and a few of the girls
coming back here afterwards.
Busy day. If I don't get on here tomorrow
have a good day everyone.
Then tuesday is my wedding anniversary.