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Ive been lurking for a while, getting inspiration from you all!
Im starting cd ss tomorrow, I cant wait!!!

Does anyone have any tips to help me through the first few days? I know its not going to be easy, and Im worried that once the initial enthusiasm has gone I may have problems.
Would love to hear your experiences of what its really like after the first few days!

Ive got such a massive amount to lose, but im very determined that Im NOT going to be fat & 40!!! My 40th isnt till july next year, i only hope i get to goal by then!!!
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is gonna do it!!
Hi ya,
Welcome to mini's it's a great way to keep you motivated by coming on here and getting to know ppl in the same boat as you.
Some ppl find the first few days hard, others are ok. If you are used to drinking coffee, you might get caffine withdrawl headaches, nothing that a few paracetomol wont sort out tho.
Also, as your body goes into ketosis, you might experience a few dizzy spells and lightheadedness. Just make sure you drink the reccommended 4 pints of water, very important!!
I suffered with extreme hunger for the first 3 days, but managed to get through it. Its just a case of getting on with it, getting through it, and getting onto slim-street!!
Good luck with it xx
Hi there

I have just started today...............struggling at the mo with the flavours/textures as my CDC wouldnt sell me the bricks and I think this would really help. Hope that yours will as im sure they are much nicer than the shakes you make up!

Good luck, we are about the same weight so will be good to have someone to look to.


Never give up
hiya, im also new 2 this so ur not alone. i seem 2 av bin on this forum on n off since startin yesterday - i find it really helpfull 2 no that im not doin this by myself. u can post questions or seek support - it all keeps u goin. a group of friends and were all doin this 2getha - wot cud b beta? gud luck. x


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The most important piece of advice I would give you is to make sure you drink loads of water....really does make a difference...

I also took photos of myself in underwear at he start of the diet, and then again each month, its amazing how quickly you see a difference, I find this really motivating....

Lastly, spend las much time as possible on here! The before and after threads and the people in general are always willing to offer support and advice!

Good luck, if your heads in it, you'll do well!

Cat Bee x
It can seem a bit scary before you start but I actually found the first week fairly easy!!! When the ketosis kicked in it took away all my cravings and left me the power to work on the habit of food! We are all so different...some like to be busy and on the go..I actually chose a weekend when I could veg out.....rest and watch tv and pamper myself through the first few days....I hid from the world! I hope you get on well....it is a fab diet..if you follow the rules you will get results amazingly quickly. Good luck and best wishes.
Drink lots of water and don't plan any trips out in your first few days! Always make sure you know where the loo is wherever you are! If you retain water then drink even more but be careful to space this over the day and not all at once.


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Everything everyone else has said covers it. H20 H20 H20 i started monday i am already in Ketosis and felt fine just a little fuzzy headed which 2 glasses of water fixed. Welcome honey xx
hi I started Sunday and have had a bit of a headache for 2 days and felt dizzy and light headed today whilst sitting in a meeting (all day) so concentration was difficult but I'm determined to see through it. I take a tetra to work each day which helps .

Good luck x

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