helloo again


wants a new body
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well, its been a long time since i have posted on here! i been in a sad place.
for people who don't know me, i was once team leader for *SW ANGELS* was doing extremely well and had lost near on four stone. then i had some really bad news last feb, my mum had cancer.
well i totally fell to pieces and have not been near scales or healthy food since....i hit my worst in october when mum passed away and now i can't even reach the damned plug in the bath etc.....
part of me wants to go back to slimming world and part of me if i am honest still can't be arsed!
i text my old consultant before christmas and said i would more than likely to go back in new year and so far i have had her leaving messages on facebook and texting me. i felt under pressure last time and i not ready for all that.
i may have to have a word with her lol the only other thing is all the members at the groups she does know me and know why i gave up and i so not ready for everyone feeling sorry for me.i hope you don't think i whinging i not intending to sound that way
i missed this place x
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Its lovely to see you back

Im so sorry to hear about your mum *HUGS* Ive just had the first Xmas etc withtout my dad so I know what youre going through

Dont let anyone pressurise you, diet wise I totally wrote off 2009, my head just wasnt in the right place. Take your time and do it when youre ready. Its taken me 11 months to get back 'in the zone'

Whatever you decide, dont disappear, were here for things other than dieting *HUGS*


wants a new body
S: 21st4lb C: 18st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 3st4lb(15.44%)
i hate being like this i usually so positive and jolly
i just so fed up all of the time


Slow but sure....
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My condolences for your loss.

Welcome back to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.


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Hello again, mate!!

So glad to see you back. What a horrible year you must have had, and completely understandible that dieting wasn't your focus.

Sounds like you are ready for some positivity- and we (and SW) are here to support you in your journey. Take action on this part of your life that you can be in control of- you will feel so much more foccussed and motivated each day. Don't feel pressured into a certain class- have you thought of attending a different class nearby?

Whatever you decide, you have support and friendship here- good luck for this being your year


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Hey Huni..Im so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum.
You have every right to not feel "jolly" at the moment and its perfectly understandable why.
If you dont feel the urge to come back to SW for a while, then dont, but maybe come on here and Facebook to still keep in touch with your old friends. You find that you will want to help some of the newbies on here until you get your SW mojo back.
Take care Hun and remember we are here for you.



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Sorry to hear of your loss xxxx

Well done for coming back on here ive been missing in action for a while here too. You can only do it when your ready and dont need to feel under pressure good luck whatever you decide to do xxxx


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So sorry to hear about your loss. I know how awful you must feel at the moment.
Only when you are ready to start again, you can do so. You need to have your head in the right place. Take your time. You will know when it's the right time for you.
Good luck and hugs xxx


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Hello lovely!

Your post touched me because it is very similar to me. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 2008 and passed away March last year. Words can't describe how I feel and can only get by if I focus on one day at a time. I too gained weight after I lost her but it was 7 months before I walked through the doors at slimming world for the first time.

What your consultant is doing is very unfair, makes me angry in fact. Weight loss is a personal thing and you shouldn't be pressured by her. Maybe having a word will her will work.

I wasn't about when you first joined but it nice to see you back on the board. Good luck with your journey and I genuinely hope to see you posting more over the next few months :)

Take care
Hayley xxxx