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Helloo i am new!

Hi nurse
I've only been on it two days, but if u go through the post , u'll see lots, thats what inspired me most to do it!

Good luck on your new journey...u'll love it
Hi and welcome. I am on my 3rd day of third week and Ive lost a total of 11.5 lbs. My size 18 skirt that I had the zip half undone:eek: now does up and is hanging off me. You should enjoy the sessions they are a real help and make sure you go to your 1st pop in as that is a real inspiration, I started on the Tuesday my pop in was the Saturday and I had lost 6 lbs. Good luck & theres plenty of extra support on here.


Guess who's back...?
Hi Nurse2be! Welcome to minimins!! I am only in week 5.. but have lost about 18lbs... had 6 to lost in total so I am over my stone a month target. Yey!! It really is the best thing i ever did - apart from the fact I have to keep buying new clothes!! :D Imagine what it will be like in a few months though! Woohooo!!!
Good luck - these three weeks will fly by (I also had a 3 week wait...)

A xx
Hello there and welcome. I've been on these forums since April but have been a bit quiet of late and got so behind with the posts...but have jumped straight in here. I am assuming you are a student nurse. The reason why I'm interested is because I too am a student nurse and I started when I was on a two week holiday and then went into a 7 week placement as I wanted my class to see the difference in me when I returned! Well they had...I'd lost just over 2 stone. I am now approaching my goal weight and have lost 4.5stone and as you can imagine, my uniform wraps around me twice!! I need to order a new one. I'm sure that you will be in the same boat in a few months also :D I got asked if I was a new girl in the class after 7 weeks summer break!! I'm buzzing with it all at the moment and feeling great :) Good luck with your journey!!
Hi kaalin, I am not an official student nurse yet. was due to start uni last year but fell and broke my ankle the week before i was due to start, so had to deferfor a year:cry: I was meant to start this Sept, but i am not fully recovered, which is a lot to do with my weight, so i am giving myself another year to get the weight off, and will definitely be going to uni next year!!!:) I have 14 and a half stone to lose to reach my goal weight:eek: and thats going to be sooo hard but i am so determined to do it this time!! Congratulations on your weight loss, that is fantastic:D xxxx
Oh sorry to hear that nurse2be, that's really unlucky...but then starting this will be fantastic. Think of the smaller uniform and the increased energy you will have as it is quite a demanding job (both physically and mentally) at the best of times! You will be in such a better place next year. Stay focussed on those goals! You will do just great :D xxx


nearly there!! :)
heya sorry to hear bout the uni place but ull be a diff person at the end of this xxx
im on 4th week have my4th wi on wed and so far in 3 weeks ive lost 16.5lbs which is crazy in my opinion ha!! i have never been in the 12stones and got there last week (i even cried ha) and feel so diff its amazing!!
good luck xx

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