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Hi All,

My names Becca and i am mummy to Georgia aged 6 and Gabriel who's 12 months. (i've just turned 28)

I've done SW off and on for about 6 years and have always done well. But then i've fallen pg :rolleyes:, and am back to square one!

I started again at the beginning of this year at home and lost 13lbs in 8 weeks, so not great - but atleast it was a loss.

I've since returned to work full time from Maternity leave and have piled it all back on (that's canteen food for you!). Ideally i would like to lose in the region of 4 stone.

I'm currently on a week off work and OH is working away (he runs his own company) so i'm re-starting the plan and hoping to be back at a group in the next couple of weeks.

I'll openly admit my downfalls are wine and cheese and meals out aswell as takeaways when i cannot be bothered to cook after a hard days work! Silly really as we both enjoy good food and cooking.

Right swift kick up the derriere and back to it. :D

I think i might try a food diary on here too so i can get some sound advice on how well i am doing (or not!) ;)

Hope you are all doing well. Feel free to send me some sunshine as i have a massive lawn to mow!! :p
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Hi Becca & welcome!

You defiantely sound motivated this time around. I would say a food diary is a must! That way you know where you're at plus if you have a bad week when you didn't expect it you're consultant can have a good look & help you out, I find that helps. x

I too have about 4 stone to loose, so far I have lost 3.5 pounds, that was in my first week, if you have done well before then you will do it again this time,

good luck

Hi, I'm new too. I just introduced myself on the forum.
Good luck.
I like SW it just works with me and my family can fit right in with out even realising it!


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Welcome to the forum - you'll find a really friendly and encouraging bunch of people here. You sound really positive about your new start, so I'm sure you'll be fine.

I know what you mean about canteen food - believe me, school dinners are no better (maybe even worse unless you can resist puddings, which I can't). This is the first week of my re-start and I'm being bery organised so it's been a breeze. Let's hope I can keep it up!

Good luck. x
Thanks for all your lovely welcomes!!

Lasi night i nearly had a blip as dp had his job put back a night and he didnt want the tuna bake i had planned! He wanted PIZZA!!! So i put my foot down and made a delicious SW Carbonara (one of my faves) and it was superb - he was soooo pleased i resisted as it was amazing.

Especially washed down with 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc as my syns instead of french fries and a curly wurly.

I feel much more in control now!!!

Hope you are all having a good day!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and welcome!

Well done on not giving into the pizza! Have a look at the other food diaries on here as well Hun, you will find plenty of ideas on there!

Good luck with your journey and just think how much healthier your kids will be too!

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