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I've been doing WW for 4 days now but I seem to be really hungry at night.
I'm allowed 18 points each day. For breakfast I have bacon and mushrooms on toast which is 3.5 points.
For lunch could I fill up on zero point food and then blow the rest of my points on tea and night? I can't stop thinking about food at that point and usually have all my points by 4pm!
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Hi, i made the 0 pts butternut squash soup for lunch then had a bigger tea. It's really yummy and very filling. Also a 0pts stir fry which is good.



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Welcome imey to MiniMins and WW. I'm sure Ive read somewhere that it doesn't matter what time you eat in the day as long as you don't go over your calorie or points allowance.

I found that the first couple of days when I started WW I was hungry until my body adjusted to eating less but I seem to be fine now. As purple_rain said, the 0 points soups are good for filling you up.

Best of luck on your weight loss. :)
Hi what it is when we eat at night is that it takes our bodies 12 hours I think to digest foods so if you have a heavy meal after 8pm and weigh in the next day then the food is stll in your system,I when first on ww used to have a bowl of porridge most nights and lost 11.5lbs in the first 4 weeks :)

Purple R Can I have the receipe for the butternut squash soup please xx
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I try not to eat too late at night, not sure why but I prefer to feel a bit emptier in the morning, per se. I think it's just doing what works best for you - the easier/more tailored to you it feels, then you are more likely to stick with it in my opinion.

Cherry, I always just fry some onions with fry light, add a bit of celery, carrots and maybe some red peppers, put a whole butternut squash in and cover with stock and just simmer for 30-45 mins until soft, then blitz with a blender. Some people add some ELF soft cheese with it but I think it tastes nice with a drop of chilli powder, salt and pepper.



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I try and allow myself about 10 of my 20 points for my evening meal. Everyone is different, but I wouldn't be able to sleep if I was hungry! I don't have my evening meal until 6.30ish though. Finding the lowest point version of something you like can help you save points - for example bagels can vary from 2 to 3.5 points which could be the difference between having or not having a banana! I think it's quite common to almost feel obsessed by food for the first few days of any new eating plan I'm sure you will settle into WW fine once you work out what suites you best.

Good luck! :jelous:



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I think the key is to give it time for your body to adjust then figure out what works for you.

Im better if i snack on fruit and low pt crisps either side of dinner then have a bigger dinner. I always seem to be full except for first thing in the morning :giggle:
Thanks for the replies. I've had 2 points for breakfast (2 ww bacon, 1 ww bread, mushrooms and brown sauce)
For my dinner I'm going to have a tin of chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and veg and some herbs with a pitta bread. so thats 1.5 points.
I've got 14.5 points left for tea and snacks then is that right??


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sounds right to me :D I have been having a NAS Jelly pot 0pts as a snack in the evening if I have felt like something.
I think that its best to not eat too much after 7pm, so the bulk of your points should definatly be eaten before then. Maybe save a few for a packet of ice gems (1.5) or have some low point fruit/veg? As you like to eat in the evening, saving most your points for dinner is a good option! 14.5 for the evening is a nice amount! x

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