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Hellybelly17's diary.

Haven't done this in a long time so please feel free to add any help and advice along my journey. Really glad I have found the site for a bit of motivtion too.

Breakfast, 3 nectarines and an apple - 2 points

Lunch, prawn salad 4 points and yogurt 2 points

Tea, Gammon steak 3 points, potatoes, 2 points, tomatoes, 0 points and salad, 0 points. 3 apricots and handful of blueberries, 1 point.

Total for day 14 points, daily allowance 20 points.

Not bad for a first day. Hoping i can keep it up.
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Bad day today due to going out for lunch (for the first time in ages). I maybe shouldn't have started yesterday but I had to start sometime and if it wasn't yesterday there would be some other excuse not to start in the future too. Anyway, here goes.

Breakfast, 2 rounds danish bread toast with Marmite, 1 apple, and 1 nectarine - 3 points
Lunch (out), Burger 9 1/2 points, chips 6 points, onion rings 3 points, salad 0 points
Tea (Buffet at Moms), pork pie 6 points, garlic bread 4 points, salad 0 points.

Total 31 1/2 against a target of 20 points, whoops really need a much better day tomorrow.
Rubbish day again today. I really need to start and plan a bit better. We decided this morning to go out for an hour or so, and 4 hours later we were still out. This led to a very late lunch (3pm), so I didn't think we would need tea after the girls had been swimming, but boy was I wrong so we all ended up sharing Fish and Chips. Bad, bad, bad. Anyway here is todays food.

Breakfast, 2 rounds danish toast with Marmite, nectarine and apple. - 3 points
Lunch, chicken breast, mushroom sauce, brocoli, and rice - 7 points
Tea, shared fish and chips - 11 points

21 points used against a target or 20. Aaaaagh.
Better day today. Planned better and therefore eat much better and haven't been hungry at all.

Breakfast - yoghurt with stewed apple and blackberry - 2 1/2 points
Lunch - Butternut squash soup with danish bread - 3 points
Dinner - Smoked haddock kedgeree with soft boiled egg - 7 points
Pudding - Stewed apple and blackberry - 1 point

Snack - popcorn - 2 points

15 1/2 points used against a target of 20 :)
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Good day again today, still feeling positive.

Breakfast - danish toast with jam - 2 1/2 points
Lunch - ham and low fat cheese quesadillas and salad - 8 points
Dinner - butterflied chicken with 0 point bbq sauce, roasted pots and roasted veg - 3 1/2 points
Pudding - stewed apple and blackberry with yoghurt - 2 points

16 points against a target of 20.
Busy day today, having been at work. Unusually I felt starving hungry at work but was very pleased tht I resisted the costa coffee run as even the low fat ones have too many points for me. Anyway, here is my food for today.

Breakfast - danish toast and marmite - 2 points
lunch - Chicken and salad sandwich - 5 points
Dinner - Hubby's prawn much with pasta - 9 points
Snack - popcorn - 2 points

18 points against target of 20. Not bad.
5lbs off today. Well done me.

Anyway, todays food points.

Breakfast - Fruit and yogurt - 2 points
Lunch - Roast beef, 4 points, york puds, 1 1/2 points, pots, 2 points, veg and gravy, 1/2 points - 8 points
Dinner - Roast beef sandwich, 7 points, cider, 3 points, chocolate, 3 points - 13 points

Total 23 points against a target of 20, ok so a bit over but considering its treat day not too bad.
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Strange day today. I planned it well to begin with but then the day semed to run away with itself and we have ended up at the chippy for tea. At least I have shared what I used to have all to myself therefore halving the points, and at least I didn't really have time to each much in the rest of the day to help compinsate. Well here goes with the points.

Breakfast - Cereal - 2 points
Lunch - Ham and Cheese toastie - 4 points
Tea - Half a kebab and chips - 12 points

Total 18 points against a target of 20. Must try harder tomorrow.
So so day today. Here it is.

Breakfast - fruit and yoghurt - 2 points
Lunch - ham salad with crackers - 2 points
Dinner - Mediteranian fish with pasta - 7 points
Snack - Popcorn - 6 points

17 points against a target of 20
Didn't post yesterdays so will post it now. Rubbish day. Started out so well but ran way behind on a trip out and ended up eating at McDonalds. Really really bad. Anyway.

Breakfast - Cereal - 2 points
Lunch - Picnic - 4 points
Dinner - McDonalds - 28 points!!

total 34 points against a target of 20. Better try again tomorrow.
Today was a bit better.

Breakfast - cereal - 2 points
Lunch - Ham salad - 1 point
Tea - Asda chingy - 12 points

total 15 points against a target of 20.
hey hun glad to see your going strong! keep at it, diaries are good, try looking over them pin point what you want to eat less of if you've gone over a little and then fix it :) hehe your doing great! hope you've had a good week and enjoy the weekend xxxx
Thank you Smirky. Today wasn't too bad again either, planned well.

Breakfast - Whoops, forgot to eat after running around after the girls.
Lunch - Prawn and wrap salad - 3 points, pink and white wafer biscuit - 1 point
Tea - Gammon, egg, pots, and veg - 8 points, biscuit - 2 points

Total 14 points against a target of 20. Not too bad. Craving chocolate tonight though.
Work again today, and hubby cooked a nice tea. Planned meals so ok points wise but really craving chocolate tonight again. Anyway, here is what I have had today.

Breakfast - Cereal - 2 1/2 points
Lunch - Gammon salad - 1 1/2 points
Tea - Steak, Jkt Pot, dairylea, roasted veg - 7 1/2 points
Pud - Merangue and fruit cocktail - 3 points.

Total 14 1/2 against a target of 20.
can i just ask why your having so little points a day please? are you making up for going over? only ww say only to save the max of 4 points per day, plus how are you coping!?!? lol i'd be sticking my head in the fridge right about now if i was on 14 points haha :D
Hi Smirky,

Yes I am trying a bit to compensate for the days I have been going over. I am also allowed 22 points really but I measure out 2 points of milk each morning and keep in the fridge to use in drinks and on cereal for the day, adn I eat loads and loads of salad and veg to keep me going.

It did work before, and seems to be working again but I am wondering now if thats why I alays fall back when I come off the diet. Now I am 2 weeks in maybe I should rethink a bit and try to eat more on steadier days.

Thanks for the thoughts.
Well today was weigh in day and as I had lost I do allow myself to go a bit over but haven't done too bad today anyway. Here are todays points.

Breakfast - Sausage sandwich - 10 1/2 points
Lunch - Chicken Salad - 2 points
Tea - Meatballs and pasta - 6 1/2 points
Extra - 1/2 bottle wine - ?

Total 19 points plus the wine against total of 20 so slightly over but not too bad.
hey hun thats alright then just didnt want you to be saving loads without a reason and not eating saved points cause this may mean you wont have a weight loss due to your body storing the fat instead of getting rid of it etc :)

i didnt think of doing the working out of milk like you do and putting points aside and a glass of it to use throughout the day definitely need to start doing that :)

thank you! oh and usually a bottle of wine is about 9 points so half would be 4.5 ish :) xx
Thanks for the wine points. 4.5 isn't as bad as I thought. Is that what happens then if you don't eat all you points, your body slows down and stores fat for the future. I must remember that. I learn't the milk thing from a ww leader the first time I did it, about 14 years ago. It has worked every time, and saves measuring every time you want a cuppa.

Anyway here is todays food.

Breakfast - Cereal - 3 points
Lunch - Chicken and pasta salad - 3 points
Tea - Homemade fish cakes with veg - 6 points
Pud - Icecream - 4 points
Snack - Popcorn - 4 points

Total 20 against a target of 20.
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OK, play day with the girls and their freinds tday so food not too bad I think.

Breakfast - Cereal 1 1/2 points
lunch - crabstick and salad tortila - 3 points
Tea - Lemon chicken and rice - 9 1/2
Pud - Choc mouse - 2 points
Snack - Hot chocolate - 1 point

Total - 17 points against a target of 20.

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