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Help/Advice much appreciated please!!!


..doing it!
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Hello all :sign0144:

Im currenly in my 2nd week of LT and I have just finnished working out my redundancy period :cry:

I have now gone from little exercise (worked in an office!) to pretty much none!

I'm worried that my lack of exercise will effect my LT results. Because I now have ALOT of time on my hands I've finally started to use the wii fit I got last year, but I find that I dont have the gusto that I thought I should to commit to it every day (how weak does that make me??)

My self confidence is extremely low (it has constantly gone down as my weight went up over the years!) None of my friends know that I am on LT because when I did LL last year EVERYONE said extremly negative things and eventually I listened and stopped. Something I totally regret. :sigh:

As I am now unemployed saving money is extremely important, so I decided to NOT join the gym at £45 p/month HOLY CRAP!!! And hopefully go walking!!!


Are there any sort of group walks/meets anywhere in london or is there anyone who is also looking for a walking buddy who would appreciate the company??

I live in central london, am single :sigh: have no kids and no major commitments other than looking for a new job!

I hope that this hasn't bored the pants off you all!!!

keep up all the good work with your diets!

Regards, Lei Xx
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Hi Leinaya , welcome to the site , Im afraid im too far away to be your walking buddy (Ireland!!) but I wouldnt worry about too much exercise while on LT . As you are only taking 500 cal approx in your shakes if you over exercise and burn a lot of that off your body can go in to starvation mode and your weight loss could slow down. so I was told anyway. A stroll in the fresh air though wouldnt do any harm I think as it helps take the mind off food !!!!!!!!!... Talk to us whenever you need a Gee up with this diet. I am going on week six and I can attribute that to all the great support I have got here from all the gals and guys.


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hya leigh... im in borehamwood but still too far to go walking but if you are ever around i can meet yu for a black coffee...
although life may get you down , yu will always bounce back up... think positive and things will work out... there are lots of jobs out there , its just finding one as they say..
im in the same kinda boat.. i worked for in my job for 16 months and left on maternity pay in sept08, i was due to go back on may 6th but they do not have a part time job for me... i cannot afford to go back full time as childcare is £45 per day or more... i too am from ireland but have been living here for two years... i have realized that life is a task and its up to yu to deal with it as best yu can... i have had many hurdles thrown at me but i will not give in... chin up girl and keep smiling...xxxx if yu nead anything then the lipotrim site is the place to be....im on my second week as from tday and iv lost 11 lbs... i have never been a confident person and i have always worried so much but now i refuse to let things get the better of me xxx yu too can do it...


..doing it!
S: 14st7.0lb C: 11st6.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st1lb(21.18%)
Hello Michillinwoman :)

Yes Ireland is juat a tad further than I'd manage to walk haha!

Thank you for your advice. I didnt get much advice from my chemist :/ so I have been pretty much going on what I could remember from when I was doing LL. I think I was recommended to do 10'000 steps p/day and to then increase by 100 steps each day if poss.....?? (still have my LL books somewhere...!)

I kinda feel a bit silly because I live in central london where u can pretty much walk to anywhere interesting! But I feel its motivation that I need - thank heavens for this forum!!! - to get over my shyness and get my (big!) butt into gear!

It is extremely reassuring to know that I am not alone in my LT quest!

Congrats on u getting halfway to your goal!!!


..doing it!
S: 14st7.0lb C: 11st6.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st1lb(21.18%)
Hello Tasha2000 :)

Thank you for your links! Im ging to check them out now....


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My chemist is the same, just happy to take the money off me and thats about it. So yes, coming on here is a godsend to get you through all the hard times.

Thats reassuring to know about the exercise, that u dont have to do a mega amount. It makes sense what u said u said about doing to much.
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Welcome Leinaya, I want you to know that we will all give you our total support on this wonderful Lipotrim forum. Put the worries about the gym on hold until you have completed your LT programme and are onto re-feed or maintenance, and even then you may find you only have to tone-up. Walking is free and enough for now. I found that my energy levels soared and my house has never looked so clean, my OH has to beg me to sit down and chill now! My self-esteem has always been low with regard to my size, even though my OH tries his best to build it up every day....but now, I LOVE the way I look even if I have to lose a bit more, my confidence and self-esteem has sky-rocketed and so will yours. I promise if you give this your total 100% commitment, you will very shortly have a much more positive outlook on everything. Best of luck in your job-hunting.


..doing it!
S: 14st7.0lb C: 11st6.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st1lb(21.18%)
Hello all!

tottyscotty - Thanks for your offer I just looked up where borehamwood is haha! I am ashamed to say that I haven't really ventured much past zone 2 (tube map) ohhh the shame!!! Your words of encouragement have been v helpful :) congrats on loosing 11lbs!!! Its soo great to hear how well LT-ers do each week, truey inspirational :D

Tasha2000 - Those aol links were v helpful thanks!

Liz0203 - I totally agree, are there some sort of "guidelines" for chemists to abide by?? I'd like to know that I am getting the same help/service that everyone else gets!!!

SUPASLIMMA - Its good to know that I dont have to worry about (much!) exercise for now thank you. The thought of going to the gym makes me feel a bit ooo-eeer UNLESS Jonathan Rhys Meyers was there I'd become a flippin gym bunny with FULL make-up!!! :D (so the longer I put THAT off the better!!) Your words are v encouraging :)

Thanks everyone :D you have certainmly uplifted my mood!! Now does anyone actually KNOW Mr Rhys Meyers.....?? ;)


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