HELP! Advice needed! What would you do??

Hi all, I have a dillema! Gave up LL after 12 days (this was 2 weeks ago) have now gone with CD on the 790 plan but not starting until next monday as we are out on a previously arranged meal with friends on Sunday. My problem is should i cancel sunday and just get on with CD tomorrow that way will be 3 days ahead! or should i go sunday and try and enjoy it? I feel so guilty for 2 reasons 1)I gave up LL,should have gone straight to CD! 2) am eating sensibly at the mo BUT dont want to put on any weight between now and Monday. I feel so low about this AND having read this post back to myself think i sound stupid!!! ( I have 7st to lose!). I am at home today and cant concentrate on anything cos i am so worried.Sorry to drone on but needed to say it ,otherwise i will just end up in tears. What would you do ???? Love Sarah xxx:confused:
Hi Sarah

Just happened to have a look on here and read this.

give me a call, I am free for the next hour or so

Aideen :)
If you're going to start CD790, I don't see why you can't get started now. When you for your dinner on sunday, you can still stick to the chicken/veg or as close to it as possible. Hope this helps and please don't feel bad about anything.. Not everyone can do sole sourcing and it is not the only way to lose weight ((Hugs)):)
Sarah don't panic, you really won't do too much damage over the weekend, honestly and just think of where you'll be in a very short time :D

I was in a similar situation my first week - we had a pre-planned weekend in London - it was actually part of my Mother's Xmas pressie and I knew it wouldn't go down too well if I started CD just then and spoilt it for her so I began on the Monday too. It saved a lot of angst and only delayed me by a couple of days - not long at all in the overall scheme of things:)

Once started though it's been full steam all the way.