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Help advice please!!!

Hi all, Ok my ultimate target is around 8st 11lbs so was planning on stopping LT at 9st as i thought id probably lose the rest refeeding. i usually lose around 3lbs a week.
im down to 9st 5.5lbs today and was planning on doing it for about another 2weeks hoping that would get me to target.
I start back work from maternity leave a week today though and although i know i should be able to tell people im on this diet, the people in my small office are so nosey and very judgemental (will come out with all the 'cant be healthy' 'youll put it all back on' jargon) so was planning on just fibbing and telling them im on slim fast.
Been thinking this morning though and would probably be alot easier to refeed when im back at work as at least theyd see me eat so would beleive the slim fast fib as im there 12hours a day.
do you think if im down to 9st 2lbs by then its worth refeeding and hoping to lose 5lbs by refeeding and eating better after? Im just worried i wont reach target if i do but i know it'l make life easier.
Was also thinking maybe id start refeeding this sat anyway as its my bday on 9th may and could go for a meal but to be honest think i would be too nervous to go out for a meal after just 1 week of refeed so forget that idea lol.
any advice or opinions would be appreciated very greatly xxxx
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I ve started refeed slightly earlier because I was sudenly feeling weak and people were commenting on me loosing too much weight!!!
A few pounds wont make much diference and 8 st 11lb sounds very light so you should judge it on how healthy you look and dont get too distracted by the actual weight. You could follow the refeed for a few weeks and continue to loose!!! good luck hun x
I'm not going to go as low as I thought I would do at the beginning of LT. I'm just doing it until I easily fit into size 14 skirts and trousers, as size 14 dresses fit me now. I've a large frame, a small face and at 54 can't go too far as I will look old and gaunt.
i know 8stone 11 sounds very light but for my frame it would make me a comfortable size 10, at the min a 10s still a bit tight. i used to be that weight before putting the weight on so it is a comfortable weight for me, im just stuck on whether i should refeed early for the sake of work and hope to lose the rest without LT or carry on to the end?
I'm doing the same Becca. I'm starting refeed on Saturday as I'm starting a new job. I'm not at my target but I'm hoping to lose the rest healthy eating, fingers crossed! I totally understand why you are doing it as I want to start my new job without any judgements of why I am doing this. You just have to do what is best for you. Good luck with the reefeed and going back to work. You have done amazing. xx
Thanks Caroline, think im going to wait until the end of the week and see how i feel, its really scary thinking about eating again let alone when you still want to lose. good luck with the new job and congrats on you fab loss!!! xx


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Have you thought about using the maintenance products and having salad and chicken for lunch, thats what I think I will do when I am near my target, just to give me a bit more control
Thanks Becca. x
hey what about doing the maintenance programme when u finish refeeding? thats what im gonna do to help retrain my eating patterns and hopefully lose the last couple of pounds! best of luck