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HELP! Advice required pls


Hi everyone, I need a little advise please. I'm on day 10 today of SS. I found yesterday really hard and today I'm feeling a bit sickly, it was hard to get a shake down this morning. Water in take is good. When I started last Tuesday my first goal was to get to the end of this week on SS. My CDC is away until tomorrow night (after attempting to SS for several months she'll be amazed that I have actually lost weight!) I had hoped to carry on SSing for a while but I don't think I can SS for much longer.:cry: I will make myself get to tomorrow night tho. Has anyone else been in this position? What are my options if I can't SS all the time :confused:(was hoping I could do the odd day?) Any help appreciated. Thanks Vxx
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Hi Vicky.

I went through this yesterday too. Didn't want to have the shakes, as I felt full with water and I had a bit of a squiffy tummy.
Today is completely different for me. Feel fine again...although the water is still filling me up.

You could try the 790 option.I'm afraid that I can't give you any info, but if you look at the CD website, there should be something on there for you about it.

Good Luck. Huge Hugs coming your way!!




I will get to goal .....

Mrs V is right - 790 might be the best option. But try and hang in there I'm sure it will pass and you'll be really pleased that you hung on as the lbs fly off. You at work or home? Perhaps a little lie down and rest might help? Or maybe you could just have your fav CD flavours to help them down? Or, try splitting the packs so they aren't quite as strong. I know this has really been helping me the last few days.

Chin up xx


Thanks guys! I really appreciate your help. It probably doesn't help that I only like the Cappuccino flavour so thats all I have in the shakes. Love the Choc Tek briks but have that in the evening as I find it doesn't fill me up enough. Well done for getting through it Mrs V. Great advice Dobbie - I hadn't thought about splitting the shakes. I'll carry on today and see what my options are tomorrow evening. Thanks again Vxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
You could do AAM all the time too if you wanted.

I did SS for 8 weeks and have done 790 for the last 3 weeks.

Have lost 4lbs/4lbs/5lbs respectively in those last 3 weeks so my losses have gone up!!

If you look on the stickies at the top of the minimins Cambridge you will find a thread re the differences between AAM and 790.



Thanks STBG!! That is encouraging - I was worried if I did that I'd lose 1 or two pounds a week MAX doing 790/AAM and was considering SW as the results would have been similar. I'll take a peek!


I will get to goal .....
not to mention that you'll still have the benefit of ketosis on the 790 plan!!!
Have you tried making the shake into a muffin or a mousse? I find the muffins easier to stomach as they're solid. I was feeling pretty sickly too and this has really helped me *hugs*


I tried to make up the mousse but so far they turned out foul, I never was much of a cook!:eek: I'll have a look and try and find the muffin receipe. Thanks guys - you'll never know how much you have all helped me today! Hugs back!! Vx:grouphugg:

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