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Help!!! Advice

Hello Everyone, just joined MiniMins.com.
Im thinking of starting LL but need advice. I've been on BP medication for a year and want to get of them like yesterday. In order to that I need the weight off, will be going to see my doctor tomorrow to make sure I'm ok to go on the diet. Has anyone experienced any negativity from drs about the diet. Ive read all the success stories and Im encouraged. I think my fear is the dr will say I cant go on it. Anyone......
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Hi Sola

I have just finished my first week on LP I didn't find it too bad and lost 8lbs but I had light headness all the time lack of concentration and I was very clumsy dropping things because of that my pharmacist has recommended that I go on maintenance I will be having a shake in the morning a light lunch and a shake in the afternoon to see how I get on. I was told to keep drinking water but I still felt as though I was drunk all the time. It is worth giving it a go to see how it affects you I think everyone is different. Best of luck

Hiya Sola

Some doctors are very positive and some are very negative so I hope yours is positive.

If they aren't then remind them that the new NICE guidlines on Obesity state that VLCD's such as Lighterlife are an effective way of losing weight and the guidelines also state that Patient Choice is key and that the GP should support the patient in what the patient wants to do and not the other way round.

I am sure you will be fine but ultimately it is your life, your body and actually your choice...you aren't asking for permission, you are asking for their support and confirmation of your current clinical status.

I agree totally with Mike - if your GP has come across LL before I can predict he/she will be fine about you doing the Programme.

BTW having high BP and being on medication will not stop you from starting - you just need your meds checked frequently by your GP or Practice/Prescribing Nurse as they may need reducing as your weight goes down = BP goes down.

I think it important that you understand that you are asking for support and not permission.

If your GP has never heard of LL, they may want to do a bit of research before filling in your form and you may also have to pay for their signature.

Let us know how you get on. :)
Thanks guys for the advise, I'm looking forward to the new me!! As Mike said its my body my choice and my life!!! Will be loggin in soon, dashing to sort out my children.


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Good luck for the drs, I think being morbidly obese is much more dangerous and costs the nhs more money.....so I think they should support and encourage anyone wanting to do a vlcd.

Hopefully your dr will be supportive.


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i joined here too before i decided to go on LT and i spoke to my dr who was also aware that ive been struggling with controlling my weight. hed never heard of it and so i gave him a run down of what id read on their official website and he said basically go for it, it can only be a good thing!

my first week was ok really. two days after starting i had a bit of a headache, the type you get when your detoxing which isnt pleasant but which goes with a couple painkillers and apart from that its been fine. the water intake does affect your getting up in the night for the good part of a week, or it did me, but its now down to once or even not at all even though im still drinking 4 ltrs a day.

anyway, thats my little story, other than that its up to you :)
i do intend to stay on here though. everyone is so supportive and great fun and thats just whats needed in such a diet as this i think.

good luck

h x
I will be going for it, I need all the help I can get now. So you will definetly be hearing from me more often. I'll let you know what the dr days either way I'm going for it
Those of you who have supportive GPs are very lucky. Mine told me to throw away the frying pan and eat from a smaller plate. He then offered to download a diet sheet but his printer had run out of ink! I asked him to refer me to the WMC at Salford but he refused. I told my friend (whose husband had done LT very successfully) about what happened and she told me about the pharmacy programme. I shall remind him about Patient Choice being the key when I next make his life a misery! I think I'll pay him a visit this week (I should be down a stone then). That'll learn him!!:cool:

Sola, my friend's husband lost 10 stone on Lipotrim four years ago. He was taking medication for high blood pressure. His blood pressure dropped while he was on the diet and his doctor was very pleased. He was a very sick man before the diet. He had four heart attacks in one week, could barely walk across the room and at new year 2004, I told my husband I didn't think he (my friend's hubby) would see the year out. He was also borderline diabetic.

Going on Lipotrim gave him a new lease of life. He's kept off most of the weight and his BP is normal.
Hello Everyone went to the surgery and was pleased with the results. Dr was very positive, I will be going to the pharmacy to get my self sorted. thankyou for the advice and support.

Can anyone help with the tracker thingy??
Well done.

You have to have a few more posts before uploading a tracker, as this will allow you more space on your signature.

Good luck with your weight loss journey xx
:thankyou:thanks Cheryl. On my first step to the new me. Just had my first shake!!

Will keep you all posted:)

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