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  1. lyric

    lyric Member

    Hi, Im hoping someone can advise me. Ive done lighterlife twice now with the same councellor (who I dont think helped me at all) although I got down to 10 stone 7 I still had the underlying "FOOD" problem. Anyway today I weigh in at over 13 and a half stone I know i need to start doing something again as my self loathing and looking in mirrors from the neck up etc etc has started again.
    Any way I want to look forward and have a fresh start and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction what id like to know is is it worth doing the CD im reluctant to go back to LL.
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  3. Anne-Marie

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    I didn't start LL because the counsellor didn't impress me - she didn't seem to be bothered at the info night and acted like a saleswoman. Anyway - CD is cheaper. Maybe you could use the money saved to go to a counsellor 1:1 if you feel that you haven't addressed the underlying issues. Ask your CD if she can recommend someone.
  4. lyric

    lyric Member

    Does councelling come with the cambridge diet?
  5. Nick

    Nick Need help

    Cambridge Diet/ Slimming World
    Hi ya, :) :)

    The Cambridge Counsellor's work on a one to one basis which really helped me while I was on the diet as I had tryed all types of diets before. All Counsellor's work differently but they all should take your needs into account as a piority. Maybe the Cambridge is the way to go if you have tryed LL twice already. New diet, new start and all that.
    What ever you decide to do you will alway's get help from us guy's on here.

    Nick :) :)
  6. lyric

    lyric Member

    Thanks I really appriciate your time.
    Lyric X
  7. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hiya Lyric, I was lucky as my counsellor had done LL before CD and was very good at the listening side of things. Most counsellors are very good. Dont forget Minimins though, some of the best support I got was here, and 4.5 months later im still at goal. Food is still an issue for me, but not like it was. Good luck on your journey, Im sure you will get to where you want x
  8. dizzy154

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    hey lyric, im on the cambridge diet i havent tried LL but i had the same problems with weighwatchers & slimmimg world, im diong great with CD becaue i know that i can only have what im supposed too.. im on sole source which is 3 sachets of soup/shake or porrige.. however you have stages with a vL calorie meal option.. ie.. chicken/fish/cottage/ cheese however these must be weighed acuratly depending on which plan you are on. i have a great counselor who i found on the cambridge website she weighs me & provides me with what i need sachet wise she also on hand day & night to advise me if i slip paying about £35 per week for my food & no charge for her guess she gets commission. (just google the cambridge diet & it comes straight up) maybe you should look for one in your area & speak to them. i found it the best plan so far & am confident it will make me shift the weight & when i have reached my goal i am going to stay with my counseller to maintain that. good luck if you take it up! xx
  9. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!


    I've done LL and CD.

    With LL you pay the extra money (I think it's nearly double CD isn't it?) for the group sessions. However, I found these useless. Like any diet counsellor LLC's aren't trained therapists really and can only do so much. The LL sessions seemed much like the sessions on any other diet.

    I'm much happier paying less for the CD and getting extra support here. My CDC is lovely and willing to listen to me personally as the sessions are one 2 one. They don't claim to be expert therapists but if you want extra therapy i'd go to one privately.

    Just my point of view!
  10. lynda

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    Hi Lyric, I started on LL but I personally did not find the sessions that good, but I guess thats because the sessions were mainly aimed towards people that over eat, whereas my problem was not that at all I could go for days without eating then have just one meal (like a huge chinese takeaway etc) but I have found that although I do sometimes still struggle to have my 3 packs I know i have to for the nutrients etc. I think CD is great and like has already been mentioned its half the price of LL. Im doing ss+ so I can still have chicken and tuna etc and im not craving bad foods at all xx
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