HELP!! Business Lunch

Hi - i'm on week 3 of CD and SSing. I have a business lunch today and really dont want to draw attention to the fact that i'm not eating. I will feel embarrassed infront of clients and directors explaining. So i've decided to have a very small meal. we are going to Carluccios, which is a lovely restaurant, but everything on the menu is packed with Carbs. Can anyone suggest an option for me to eat? They have mushroom soup, broccoli soup, breaded chicken breast with salad and breaded swordfish with salad. Apart from that its all pasta, rice, bread and beans? Any suggestions! :confused:
Can you not ask for just salad? or for a plain chicken breast not breaded? Restaurants are normally very accommodating.
I had a couple of these while on SS and I just said that I had a dodgy tummy and no one ever said anything and it was fine.


I have also used the dodgy tummy excuse on several work occasions and it's been fine.
I also went to Carluccios (different set of circumstances as I was among friends) whilst on SS and thought I'd be cheeky and ask if I could have some water to mix my pack and they were absolutly fantastic about it; brought me a litle bowl and everything and made no fuss at all. It was a tad tortureous as it's probably my favourite place in the world for food, but I coped and I'm sure you will too.

I had a couple of these while on SS and I just said that I had a dodgy tummy and no one ever said anything and it was fine.

That's exactly how I handled these situations in the early days when I really didn't want ot tell anyone I was doing CD - worked every time :D
Failing the doggy tummy sometimes it is difficult.

Chicken without skin, salad and any non starchy veggies.

Murffie had this down to an art form.

Sharon/Summerskye as well.

I have found however people in general are very interested and supportive when they know.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks to everyone who replied to this today. It really helped me. I had a chicken salad - forgot to ask them to take of the dressing though - Water and a black coffee. Really proud of myself even though i have eaten, as i watched everyone scoff down two courses, wine and cheesecake. I know it'll take a while to get back in ketosis but i'm on the case and mentally i havent had to face all those awkward questions making me feel a bit silly. :D
Hi JoanneSheehan,

Well done and keep going and drink plenty of water...:D

Love Mini