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Help, cant do it anymore


I really dont know what to do I just feel I cannot go in with this diet.

I dont know what is wrong with me but today I am so hungry and fed up. The family have just gone out and I have headed straight for the freezer and microwave, I know feel sick.

I cant stop picking and I just dont know what to do about it. We went through all this at my class last week and I discussed it with the class and thought I had it undercontrol but I havent.

I have a addiction and I cant shake it. I have it under control most of the time but sometimes I cant control it.

I have such a long way to go and dont want to give up now. I know if I do the weight will go back on but I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am in week 9 and mentally told myself I didnt have long to go before I could start eating again. I then learnt that I would have to carry on not eating until I was at my goal which is about another 7 or 8 stones. I dont know if I can do that.

I love the way I have been feeling recently, looking better, feeling better. More energy but at the moment that has all gone and I just want to eat. I dont know why because I feel sick now and I havent even eaten that much.

Is this a phase and will it pass? I can feel myself getting depressed about it. I am having a few issues at work and home that really are not that big but the way I am feeling they are like mountains. I just dont know how to get out of this cycle.

Last week I took my son swimming and was so pleased with myself. I was reading earlier I have to be under 16 stone so i can go horse riding again. I can do that and I would love to be able to go riding so why am I feeling this way.

Ok I hope this makes sense. My councellor is on holiday so I cant chat with her about it. I cant talk to my hubby as he doesnt understand. He is being very supportive but if I say I feel like giving up he just says I dont stick to anything. Great help. He is trying to help but its not a postition he has ever been in

Ok feel better for getting that of my chest

Thanks for letting me rabble on
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Hi Megsmum.

I'm new to the diet, but have got through the first few days and feel really positive. Could you try to focus on the feelings you experienced when you took your son swimming? Remember the good feelings and then associated what led you to those feelings and how you achieved it. Know that picking is going to hinder achieving those feelings again.

Also, try to realise that what is motivating you to pick is your inner rebellious child who isn't thinking properly. Try to think yourself out of that state by arguing with your inner child.

Anytime you feel yourself heading toward the kitchen, force your legs to walk you somewhere else, even if it's out of the door for a 10 minute walk. Or to the bathroom for a bath. Taking a book into the bath is great for a long, distracting soak.

I'm not a pro at this yet, but thought I'd offer a little help. You've lost so much, and you are clearly on track to do so further, so just consider your losses so far and visualise your future ones.
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Hi Megsmum

So sorry that you are finding it tough at the moment I am sending you a great big hug :hug99:

This diet is tough, no food especially if like me you have many years of using food as a relief.

You have struggled and you have eaten, it is not the end of the world. There was a fabulous post on here yesterday by Dancing about failure, you only fail if you don't keep on trying. Part of the journey is about understanding why and how we abuse food, try to use this as an insight to your reasons and look for other ways of coping when life gets in the way.

You have been doing brilliantly and I really appreciated the encouragement you gave me about going swimming. You can do this, some people are able to remain abstinent and hats off to them, some have lapses big and small, we are all following slightly different paths but we will get there in the end it may just take a little longer.

Try not to beat yourself up about it, could you book yourself a riding lesson and have a treat to cheer yourself up and reward yourself for all your hard work so far.

Keep going and be kind to yourself.
ive just slipped over from the cambridge forum as that is the diet i am doing .
you seem to have done so well and for 9 long weeks aswell, if you can come that far you can go a bit further. 9 weeks is so impressive , i am on day 3. keep it up , you can do this. picture the new you and stick a piccy of the old you on the fridge door.
sending you big hugs and lots of support

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
You can do this.

You are on a learning curve. If it were that easy then you wouldn't need the counselling. The fact that you are finding things a bit of a strain is testimony to the fact that you will really benefit form the counselling.

Make sure that you talk to your counsellor about how you are felling. Keep a diary of your thoughts and track when they happy and what situation you are in.

Now is the time to use these feelings by acknowledging them and trying to work out if there is a pattern.

The more you feel tested, the greater to opportunities you have to really get to gripes with your own issues.

Foundation isn't just about losing the weight. The more you think about your testing times, the more amunition you will have when you move back into the world of conventional food ;)
Hey MM :)
It sounds like amongst other things, the 'looking ahead' thought has triggered all sorts of things. It's so easy to do this in Foundation. You just can't imagine how you're going to get through when there is so much longer to do. I posted yesterday elsewhere around my Day 3 revelations when I plotted my timeline on an average 3lb per week loss and fully realised just how long this was going to take - it totally freaked me out!
The thing that worked for me in Foundation was to look back rather than forwards. You've already got 9 weeks in the bag, you've proven to yourself that you can do all of that time - you can easily do another 9!
The timing thing has been very much in the forefront of my mind just now. If I hadn't had my 2month meltdown I'd be at goal by now. And everyone here who has slipped off will have the same thoughts on where they'd be.
Stay as focused as you can on how far you've come and take it all in small chunks. You will have finished Foundation before you know it.
I was insistent that I would never be able to do this longer than til the end of August. Well here we are in October, and I'm still trucking on. You will get to this point too and the distance travelled will make you determined to keep on going - no matter how long it takes, or if like me, you have to have a stalling moment.
I said to myself at the start of Foundation, "This is it - I'm never doing this again, I'm not doing it twice" And that thought has re-emerged recently. I'm definitely not doing it twice!! I'm getting to goal and sorting out this diet stuff forever!
Keep on keeping on.
Thankyou you are all right of course ;o))

I have had a much better day today so feeling slightly better. My councellor is on holiday so cant chat with her. The locum is nice but not very clued up. I keep telling myself how well I have done and i do keep reminding myself that it really hasnt been that hard concidering. Today I am wearing a jumper my mum brought me for xmas last year and it was miles to small. I was to ashamed to tell her as it is a big size. Today it is baggy.

I do have a addiction and I need to sort it. I use to smoke and gave it up no problem so I cant see why I cant do this to. Probably because I dont need to smoke to live and no one else in the house smokes so the temptation isnt there.

Thanks again it is good having someone to tell my problems to. I cant really talk about them to my family and friends because they just dont understand. They are all being very supportive but unless you are in the same position you really dont get it.

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