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help cant get into it


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Hello all

Well everytime i thought right back into swings blooming something happened grrrr.

So now im hoping that everything that has gone on is all sorted now and i can get off this crap ive been eating which is hard to bloomming do but ive done well today and got stuff ready for tea.

I had to pick kids from caravan up and 2 hour drive and nothing there to do so i hate that place and couldnt get back into diet, loads of mega stuff happened.

Loved watching greenday that was the best day from the past month tbh :8855:

I feel like its a constant battle on and off dieting and i really want to be thin, god its summer and i look like a balloon in stuff and nothing barely fits grrrrr, and also im back to 16st 4lbs, i always get to 15st 13 and then blow it ffs take me ages to get there and 3 weeks to put it back on.

How can i just stick to it, specially when im on budget with food money and have 3 kids who dont wanna eat diet stuff apart from eldest who wants to shift weight but its costing fortune as he dont like veggies and salad stuff grrrrrr and then moans if nothing in house that he dont like, end of day he 16 im getting old i need to shift weight more than him so he can get stuff now thinking about it tbh :8855:

But honestly i cant exercise much atm cos of shoulder injury, what advise can someone give to make me stick to this, and walking omg there is nothing round here to make me wanna walk

any suggestion would be brilliant plz :D:D

also how the hell can i lose more than 0.5lbs per week

normally takes me 6 weeks to lose 3-4lbs and tbh i think that is putting me off this diet and others is that im a slow loser grrr and dont know why, i had all tests done etc etc but nothing, i hate reading ppl posts that they lost like 3-4 per weeks i mean i always congrats them but then i get very depressing and think why cant that be me lol
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Hi did wonder where you were :)

I am exactly the same as you I am alone wth 3 children on a really tight budget where my eldest is on ww but is the fussiest person ever and its hard.
If he wants to lose weight he will and will eat a ww plan on the stuf you can afford and what he likes and maybe as hes old enough explain I cant afford too much so you'll have to do ww plan around what we can afford to have in.

Exercise,walking it seriously is the best exercise going your injury wont be effected and if you walked 1 hour 4 times a week over 4 days it is a good way to burn points,cost 0 and can fit in to your life.

WW or any plan,look at my losses in the last few weeks pants and I have struggled mentally read here and I realised something its still going off and down or if I dont stick it out I know I will back up there again ,I have yoyoed so much you know this last year I lost and gained 10lbs 3-4 times so know how hard it is but if you lose 1lbs a week by christmas this will amount to nearly 2 stone and by doing plan 100% tracking weighing measuring no odd snaky things,drinking more fluids and walking exercise plan you can do it,I know you can.
You are detirmened as you have come back and I know its easy to yoyo especially when we have a busy life with a tight budget.
I think make a food diary and put every single thing down that goes in your mouth everyday honestly and see what people think about how your plan is,maybe your having too much carbs,or sweet stuff?

Just thnk by crimbo you could be 14 st something or you could be 18st something?? Thats what keeps me focused and lovely people here telling me I can do this and its working.

((((hugs)))) xx

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