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help, chilli con wrong!

Hey girls. Tried to make chilli without a shwartz packet.. and its all gone tits up..

i went on lifelineonline.. and followed that, only prob being i didnt have paprika. but it tastes oober boring... i dont have many herbs and spices as its end of week and they all need replaceing..

help me..... xxxxx
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I always find it can be a bit boring if i dont use packet (awful!!) i did one the other day though.. it was a bit tasteless but i put some worcester sauce in... that definately helped... and some beef stock...

hope it works out hun xx
i use a real chilli, garlic, 2 tsp chilli powder and a tin of tomatoes and a bit of tom puree, there will still be somthing missing which is paprika but it is definately edible
I never use a packet.

The 'chilli' flavour doesn't come from the chillies...the secret ingredient is cumin powder. You don't really need paprika - it does help but believe me, it's the cumin that will make it taste really like a chilli.
If you've got chillies and chilli powder whack that in too, obviously.

How many times can I get the word chilli into this post?! :D
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I always use a packet too. My one attempt at making it myself was awful. I have the extra hot chilli con carne packet and oh my god, it is fairly HOT!!!!!!!! I love it though x x x x x


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Many thanks everyone, for the advice on making chilli from 'scratch'....I am actually enjoying getting back down to 'basic's' and following a recipe - It has been too easy to open a jar of 'cook in sauce in the past'.

Good luck with your Chilli Fern. X


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The 'chilli' flavour doesn't come from the chillies...the secret ingredient is cumin powder. :D
I made a chilli tonight, I put, garlic,tomatoes, chilli powder in then I put a good splash of worchester sauce in as a friend did this in her chilli. It was still missing something so I got the swchartz seasoning out and they do put cumin in and sugar so I add cumin and splenda oh, and a splash of balsamic vinegar and a bit of cinammon,it was very tasty!


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Always make mine from scratch too, syns are for more interesting things , like wine!


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You might already know this but I found out at weigh in this week that the 2 min microwave rice packets are a minimum of 2 syns each, its because of the oils used to stop the rice from drying out and exploding, myself and most of our members we really shocked, I hadn't even thought of it. Im completely addicted to chilli still, my fella is now fed up with it, im limited to once a week now :-( lol

haha im limited to once a week too :( lol

Alright ladies, well i stuck lots of cumin in! and it did turn into a chilli tasting mix in the end! .. if i keep working at it i think it'd be okay lol

thanks ladies, really helpful! xxx

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