Help!! Day 3 and struggling


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Hi everyone,
I am on day 3 of CD SS and I am really struggling today :(
I have not been sleeping the last couple of nights which isn't helping (is that coincidence or do people not sleep on CD?), and in the night I was really hungry. Today I feel terrible, just want to be in bed. I am not hungry and I don't want to eat as such, but I do too. And I have a horrible taste in my mouth that won't go away :mad: I just feel quite low and fed up.
I have been eating porridge for dinner and I like it being hot and a little like food but I don't find it fills me up as much as the shakes, is that common? I don't know, I really really want to do this but right now it feels hard!!!
I did stand on the scales this morning and I have lost 4lb in two days, which is amazing and has helped but I still am not happy today. And I have a headache that has lasted for most of the last two days, but I understand that is common. When should it go? And can we take paracetamol?
Maybe I am hungry, my stomach just rumbled. I also haven't drunk as much water today :sigh:
I don't know, I just wanted to share this in case it helped as I really really don't want to cheat. I do have some extra shakes in case, so I could have 4 today if I really need to but I don't want to slow down my weight loss.
Any advice/suggestions/words of encouragement greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Bingbong x
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oh, bingbong, i felt just like you a few days ago so i can empathise hugely!

even though this is a restart, i found the first 5 days really hard, i am only on day 8 today and feeling something near normal...

all your feelings are absolutely normal, just rest as you can, take headache tablets if you normally would and take care of yourself with a nice hot bath. it will get easier


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HI BINGBONG, just finished my first week and am ss+, i felt much better by day 5, headaches etc..... drink your water it does help, was guzzling so much last week up to 4 litres so i felt full..... lol.... hope you feel much better after a nice soak oh i love the porridge but i always drink a big glass a water with it too....take care


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Those feelings that you are having, quite alot suffer the same, its your body adjusting!
Stick with it, Im nearly a month in, people are already telling me that they can notice a big difference - thats why we are all doing this!
Its all mind over matter, be strong and think of the body that you want - also, keep coming on here for a chat, we are all in the same boat and are all here to help and support eachother!
Take care & stick in there!


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Thanks for the messages guys, it really means a lot and has helped!!! I am feeling a lot better (in a still feeling rubbish but feeling better about feeling rubbish kind of way). I went out tonight and saw some friends and that really helped.
It sounds like tomorrow will be hard too and then fingers crossed it will get easier!!! Boy do I hope so. I so want to do this!!! But I got through today on my three shakes, so hopefully I can do it again tomorrow. Although tomorrow will be my first day at work on CD, which I am not looking foward to. No idea how I am going to drink enough!!!
Thanks again, and good luck everyone!

BB x


Peggy McParrot
S: 15st5lb C: 12st2.5lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 3st2.5lb(20.7%)
little steps xx


I can do this.
Just take 1 step at a time, an u will get through it.


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You are doing so well. Stick with it. The first few days aren't the nicest but in a few days the headaches will be gone, you'll be sleeping better and you won't be hungry. I think its ok to take pain relief. I certainly did.

Well done for sticking with it so far...... in a few days you'll have forgotten how awful you felt.... especially when you get weighed!!!!!