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help! descion time!

Hi guys. Iv been back on the plan for a week now. and today, is weigh in day.

Well, it would be. If i were still going to class that is. I decided i wouldnt and that i would re-join as a full member after babe had arrived. As it was putting me in a very negative frame of mine before, and i wasn't enjoying my pregnancy at all because of it. . . anyways. My old class is tonight, but my C also runs a morning class.. in just under an hours time. I know its my brain, its programmed to think 'wednesday, its weigh day!!' lol and now im wanting my weekly dose of image therapy.

Im not sure what to do. Am i jumping the gun, do i need to stick to my word and wait to return untill after the baby is here? i feel like im in a much better frame of mind now.. before i felt like i was just watching the scales fly up and all i could think about was my hard work getting to target, now i keep thinking iv got this weight to loose.. and im so ready to do it. I feel like iv finally let go of this 'target' issue and im ready to start all over again. Iv managed my first week back on plan and im so pleased iv finally done it.. but im wondering whether i can go without classes. Iv never managed it alone before, and i know its the key to my success.

Do i go or do i see how long i can make it on my own?
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Hey Fern! How about going and not weighing? Or will that just be a waste of money? How will seeing your weight flashing in front of you make you feel? I vote go! It'll make you feel so much better and much more motivated, as you already mentioned you do well with the support of a class. I'm sure it would be nice to see the old gang again and everyone can fuss over you and your bump! :D
You clearly want to go so go! Tell your c how it's making you feel maybe she can help by encouragement rather than focusing on the scale?! X


Time to start again!
I agree with the others, staying with class is a good way to keep you on track, but weighing in might bring you down... Even though its the baby your weighing really!... Good on you for sticking with the plan, it will make losing the baby weight after much easier... Go you!... xx:D


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I say go! just speak to the C they are there to help after all! x
Okay, i went! and im glad i did. i got to see my actual weight and i felt good about it. Granted its no where near what id like it to be, but it will be.. in time. My C was really supportive and there was none of this .. and 'shes still keeping off so and so amount' like she used too, cos each weeek it was less and less and it made me feel like crap. So im pleased.. everyone fussed, and to my suprise the morning class is full of new mummies on mat leave. which was really insprirational, and atleast 3 of them where recently target members. So that was great to see!

Thanks guys x


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That's so good to know Fernie! It's perfect really cuz now you have women in the same situation as you to support you. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice once you have your little one and start breastfeeding. The class near me was nowhere near as impressive unfortunately (part of the reason why I joined online). Only about 6 bored looking old ladies, not that there's anything wrong with old ladies lol, they seem to love me. But it would have been nice to meet people around my age group that I could relate to. Well done for going, I bet you're happy you did!
I am pleased yes! Unfortunatly i noticed not one of them were breastfeeding though so i dont think i'l be getting any advise on that front, they were all being fed formula made up bottles.. but that's okay- it'l be nice to hear how they fit it all around their new babies.

Im feeling really good actually.. how you getting on this week honey? bet your so spurred on after your amazing loss! xox


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Awww, not to worry we have a breastfeeding and SW thread here now so that'll help some! Yep still 100% going strong and I feel great! I miss my old "bad" food less and less everyday. In fact I threw out an uneaten loaf of fruit bread this morning. I used to eat about 6 slices at a time and found out that they're 6 syns each lol. They're not even that nice!

I think I'm going to do red/green next week to enjoy some more interesting HEs like nuts and dried fruits yum!
Ooh check you out, shaking it up a bit :D

I tried out my electric breast pump the other day, i felt like a cow pmsl!!!

Joe and I used to love fruit loaf when we first met, id never even tried it before then! .. i know what you mean about not missing the bad food so much as the days go on..usually wednesdays i have off and totally indulge in all things naughty because i find it keeps me well on track the rest of the week.. but iv not got the urge to do it so much today! lol i went to get petrol earlier and it was a perfect excuse to have a chocolate bar ( or two) .. but by the time id made it to the front of the que i genuinly couldnt pick even one i wanted. Very odd lol.

Looking forward to a takeaway tonight, i havnt had one in ages and its my treat night with my bestie tonight so im excited!! Have planned all this coming weeks meals and im feeling positive! x


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Oooh well done being organised! I bought some interesting things today; yellow split peas, wild brown & red rice, lentil & barley soup mix. I want to try my hands on tarka dahl. I also got TONS of alpen lights, they were on offer 2 for £2.50. Oooh I also ordered some bars of WW rich toffee chocolate and caramel whip choc! 4 syns each and they taste just like mars and twix (respectively). Enjoy your takeout!

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