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HElp - Did I do the right thing

hiya - I left my packs at home ( breakfast and lunch) so.... I went to morrisions and got a self service salad.

I got the smallest box and filled with 1 boiled egg, chickpea and bean saladand lettuce... no dressing. Did I do the right thing by eating?? - I could not go all through the day without anything!

I am at the start of week 9 and I have not done a add a meal week yet...
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I don't know, sorry, i would have just waited until i got home. But it was 1 day, so don't beat yourself up about it. Just get back on track tomorrow.



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hi pretika, don't worry too much hun, just have your packs as usual when you get home and be aware that it may kick off some hunger pangs. Sometimes these things can't be helped.


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If you were to face this problem again I'd suggest no beans / chickpeas. They are quite high in carbs and can knock you out of ketosis!

I hope you're still in ketosis and don't worry too much ;)

I am out of ketosis at the moment because I had a tiny portion of pasta last night because I had a bit of a funny turn and I don't feel ill today at all so don't worry Pretika. Drink loads of water (like I have today - been to the toilet about 5 times per hour lol!!) and I'm sure you will be fine. :)

Thanks All - I will do a test in the morning.

To be honest I am not someone who kicks out of ketosis easily and I am 9 weeks in so here's hoping.

Thanks for the support!
Hiya - just thought that I would let you know that I styed in ketosis!! yippee. and I have an extra supply of packs.. so I dont get caught out again.


Serena's title didn't fit

Well done ;-) Good for you :)



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I doubted that it would kick you out of ketosis. small salad like that with chickpeas and beans seriously? You would have only been slumped out of ketosis if you had of had a whole can of beans!
So chuffed you stayed strong xx
Thanks chunka -I am sure that I would have felt the whole can of beans this morning if I had LOL

Thanks for the support. you are doing really well.. you have amazing losses for SS+ - I have onlyjust been able to lose a stone a month on SS!!

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