Help Disheartened and Fed Up


Today is effectively my 6th day oon CD SS, I weighed in last monday but didn't actually start the diet till Wednesday.

I have been feeling ok, had a rotten head ache on the Thursday but other than that, pretty much ok, no nasty side effects to tell but equally no massive snese of feeling good etc, like some of you have suggested you feel. I have weighed myself and looks like around 6/7lb lost, which is fine.

BUT, yesterday I was struggling a little bit, felt a bit low and picked at a small i.e. 2/3 mouthfulls of chicken breast and then felt fine again.

Trouble is today I do feel more hungry than I have on the other days and am not sure if that silly little bit of chicken has thrown me out of ketosis, was I ever in it, will i have lost weight at weigh in tonight? Feeling very confused:confused: and pretty fed up really. I would have thought that cutting back your calories so drastically would mean a guaranteed weight loss regardless of ketosis etc.

Can someone help me out a bit please.

By the way, not suggesting that I am going to throw the towel in or anything, I will beat this!
A tiny bit of plain chicken breast shouldn't throw you out of ketosis as it is protein and not carbohydrate. I think people often find after eating a bit eg on AAM, they are more hungry but at least you chose a sensible option. I still get hungry from time to time and I'm on week 10 (contrary to what everyone suggests) so it's just something you have to learn to control. It's tough sometimes but I guess it's all about trying to unlearn our previous habits of just eating whenever we felt like it.
Hi Hun
I dont think the chicken if thats all you ate has thrown you out of Ketosis xx You just may not be in full Ketosis YET thats all?Read my posts over the last few days Saturday was day 10 for me and I nearly chucked the towel in!!!!I was hungry as at work cake eating was the order of the day as they're entilted too but I found it so hard!
Today Im fine again,its not just you I have hard days and good days just post loads and someone will be here for you.Your doing fab and we can fight this together~~~~all of us
Thanks guys. I hope you are right and that it's just that I am not fully into Ketosis yet, will ask CDC tonight to see if I can get some sticks to test it etc.

It's just weird because the first few days I was totally fine, not hungry, felt ok about it all and then today feel pretty hungry. Yesterday fro example I went till 1p.m without anything other than water, today I have already had a choc shake (hot) and am about to have my veggie soup as well as about 2 1/2 litres of water.

Do you know when I can get the bars that you all talk about too, think they would really help me!

Thanks again.
I personally think when we wait to start we are so keen and want to get the ball rolling but as we go into week 1 the enthusiasum goes as the reality sets in,it gets hard until full Ketosis sets in,you may be in ketosis but your having a hard day today it could be down to your hormones whats happening in your life or the waiting for your 1st weigh-in comes to think of it day 7 was flat for me?
I think on Cd you can have the bars on week 3 but Im unsure they help me something to chew!Hang in there the weight will drop very very soon :)
It's week 3 you can have the bars. You can also get Ketostix yourself from the chemist/Boots to test for ketosis - they are with the diabetic stuff behind the counter and cost about £4. It's handy to have some at home to test yourself I find.
Hi Babe
I little chicken will not have done to mush harm to the diet but now you want more.but you do not really want food you are not really hungry just fancyfull.
Do not bet yourself up about the chicken.
Have a warm drink,something warm inside my help.
We have all had times like this.
Keep posting as it helps to chat with others who know haw you feel
Do something to stop you thinking of food,It will soon be weigh in time,Good luck on first weigh in
Hi Cupcake,

I'm on day 6 too and must say I found the weekend tortuous. Don't know if I'm in ketosis yet or not :confused: Not sure if it's real hunger I'm feeling or just a psychological hunger. Everyone had roast chicken & mashed potato yesterday - my favourite, was very tempted to eat some chicken too!

I'm so determined to do this though, I dont want to let my (slim) family down. Keep at it!
Thanks Libbie and Not a Drop.

Have just had my veggie soup and feel a little better now but tummies still kinda rumbling not torturous but more than it has in the previous days. Oh well. Just get on with some work and keep myself busy.

Wondering whether the 790 plan may be better for me really than pure abstinance - hmmm.
It does get easier I promise, I found my first week torture and missed food so much till I got on the scales and had lost 13lbs and it made it all worthwhile. You will have ups and downs but the ups outweigh the downs and you will get that good feeling, sometimes I feel i've got so much energy and I never felt like that before this diet.