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Help! Eaten 2 bars in 1 day! Will this affect my weight loss a lot?

Dear all,

I feel a bit guilty because this week (week2) I ordered 8 shakes, 8 soups and 5 bars and I have eaten 4 out of 5 bars in just 2 days!

Will this affect my weight loss too much?:confused:

Also, if during 1 out 7 days I eat 4 instead of 3 meals because I became really hungry or went to the gym will that really affect my weightloss?:confused:

I didn't feel hungry at all during week 1, but felt really hungry on day 9 !

I know it's a bit of a silly question, but I am on a guilt trip!

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I'm no expert but I would say that eating 2 bars and one shake/soup is better than eating something else that you aren't supposed to eat on the diet! So good for you for choosing the sensible option :)

No doubt a CDC will be along soon and will be able to give you an expert answer:D
Hiya Xon

Ok don't panic you'll be fine ;-)

Just remember though that the science of the diet is that if you are in ketosis which is due to the low carb then in most people that is a physical hunger supressant and hence by having extra packs and two bars you may knock yourself out of ketosis and hence be hungry.

Therefore best thing to do is stick to the programme and then hopefully you should be ok with the hunger.

If you are struggling on SS then why not talk over 790 with your counsellor, this is a great way to lose weight for those on SS who are wanting extra packs/food.

Thank you

Thank you very much Mochaj and Icemoose for your prompt advice.:D

I feel better now!

I think I am normally fine in terms of the amount of stuff I eat and usually don't feel hungry at all apart from when there is nothing to do around or if I worked out too much or if can't sleep.

The add a meal option sounds good and healthy but I think I will stick with Sole Source at the moment since I didn't experience no hunger at all in the previous week and felt really well.

I feel it is easier for me to get carried away with add a meal.

Thanks again.

Hey Xontroula,

I got the bars the week I was allowed them...and that was the only week I had them. Just by having one bar a day - it knocked me out of ketosis. My CDC told me that some people are really sensitive to the few extra carbs the bars have and it knocks them out of ketosis. I've not had the bars since as felt so hungry and crappy.

So, if just one bar a day is enough to bring someone out of ketosis...2 bars is a given. =o) Hope you get back into ketosis soon hun!! Good luck!!


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