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Help from any nurses?

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I've just got back from the dr's and am none the wiser on something and wondered if any members are medically people who can explain.

I am on the depo injection and don't have periods. Having been on it for quite a few years I was told I'd need a DEXA scan to look at bone density. If there was a problem I would need to come off it.

Went to Dr today and he said it showed a slight loss, but nothing to worry about, but ideally I'd be on another contraceptive.

We discussed the options. I was put onto depo because my fertility was high and if I fell pregnant it was less likely to cause a miscarriage or damage to a baby. Have fallen pregnant on the combined pill and the mirena coil, which caused miscarriage. Today he told me that fertility decreases with age, so it would be less risky to go onto another contraceptive. However, I didn't have periods with the coil anyway, so that's no different to the depo. Really find it hard to trust the pill after what happened last time.

Then the Dr told me that I'd need a blood test for my oestrogen levels. Why would I need that though if I've already had a bone density scan? What would it tell them that wouldn't show up in that? I thought bone density could be reduced if oestrogen levels are low. Am completely confused and he didn't explain it when I asked!

My mum is a nurse, but she is on holiday, so can't ask her :eek:

Am just fed up with going for blood tests when there is nothing wrong with me :( Was sent for tests to check my thyroid when I was anxious, but I had nothing suggesting that I had a thyroid problem. I know I should be pleased that they cover all options, but I'm really needle phobic.
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You could look at implanon (it's Progesterogen only implant fitted under the kind on the upper inner arm and lasts 3 years, you will probably not have periods on it either) as an alternative to Depo provera. Unfortunately it's been shown to increase bone loss... and as it appears that your BMD (DEXA measurement) is already on the low side, it's best if you try to find another contraceptive.

The Oestrogen levels are what are messed with, when using Depo... which causes the bone loss.... So its a good idea to check it out before you consider which contraceptive to choose. If you are unsure about what you GP has said write a list of questions and make an appointment to discuss this further.



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I was meant to add or I can just help you here?

The injection is quite a large amount of hormones that you are putting into your body once every three/one month depending which one you are on and it is to last you the whole time. So this massive influct of hormones can in some cases do damage to your body. The doctors are checking to see that you haven't been damaged.

The blood test will show the levels of hormones in your blood and show how you are being affected by them where as the DEXA test is just showing the bone density which can be effected by oestrogen.

My guess is that you have been on the injection longer than 3 years and they are just checking you out :D

Hope this makes sense?!

how do you manage having the injection being needle phobic? :D


is a naughty girl...
the implant is fantastic I am on that! Although that said is def not for everyone :D before CD I didnt get periods at all I have had 2 in 6 weeks on CD though hehe xx
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I have implanon and it's great appart from the fact that I have had a constant period for the last 18 weeks!

Edit to add. This is due to CDing (SS, SS+ and 810) I have gone up to the 1000 cal now and finally my period is easing up.
S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. The problem is the lack of periods rather than the depo (if you know what I mean?) as in, if I had the implant it would probably be the same (like you said Ali)

I guess I just thought that by being on depo and showing that there is a slight (and he did say very slight - would only be an issue if I was over 65) decrease in bone density then that automatically means my oestrogen levels are low from lack of periods, so why give me a blood test. Does that make sense?

The only contraception where I've had a period is the pill, so perhaps I'll have to go back to that and maybe I won't be so fertile now I'm the ripe old age of 32! The annoying thing is that I have no side effects on the depo and with the pill I was constantly hungry, my boobs grew massively, put on weight, sometimes had headaches. Took a few tries to find the right pill.
Be so much easier to stay on the depo. Probably only be another 3 years before I want to start a family anyway.

Am not too bad with the depo injection because it doesn't hurt, despite being a massive needle (made the mistake of looking once when the nurse insensitively told me it's one of the biggest ones they use lol)

I am a lot better than when I was a child. I used to have to be held down, which probably didn't help my phobia but I slapped the needle out of a nurses hand once and ran off, so holding down it was from there on in.

Now I am okay if I am lying down and not looking, although occasionally I'll cry :(


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Hi watergirl

Best not for me to attempt any medical opinions as I have spent my entire nursing career since qualifying specialising in the care of older people, and people with dementia. I now work in the community in a more advisory role, having moved away from 'bedside' nursing ten years ago.
But fancy a nurse telling you that she was using a large needle; that would have terrified me.

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