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Help from Long Term Lipotrimmers!


Here we go again!
I'm in week 14 now and my hands are still freezing, is this normal this far in?

My nose is cold and my rings keep falling off my fingers cos they shrink more when they are cold. Before coming on the laptop I was wearing full gloves cos my hands were so cold. Any advice welcome?

Can't wait to eat proper food really just so that I might warm up a bit, I think hubby will be pleased too!
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I will be skinny again!!!
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Lol Bev im sure he will

To be honest my hands a still cold after refeeding, but they arent as bad

But I always had bad circulation in my hands and feet so it could be that..

Sorry Im not much help lol! xxx


Here we go again!
Thanks Chelly. My feet used to get cold every now and then but not my hands. I find it takes ages for my hands to warm up at work and typing is a nightmare as you can imagine.

Hope to warm up after refeeding. Only 11 weeks to go!


One last chance
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Hey mini, I'm on my 20th week and yes my hands are still cold. It all comes with the LT package. You should be fine when you go back to eating with it. Just move your hands more, dress warmly and drink hot water, black tea/coffee and shakes, whicheever you prefer.


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I was always cold and I have had trouble with my rings dropping off, but when you get through your re-feed and on to the maintenance side of things it does go. Although I had my engagement ring made smaller I now cannot get it on as I have put weight back on. Also I was one of the odd few with hair loss but again when I got on maintenance it came back in better condition than it had previously been.

At the weight management clinic I was under the first time round the re-feed was after 14 weeks, how long are you planning on staying on LT for?

Jo x


Here we go again!
Thanks Yasmine, glad it's not only me then!

Thanks for your response Scamp. I'm planning on staying on this for another 11 weeks then refeeding cos I'm going on holiday (hooray). It will be about 25 weeks in total. I don't plan on coming back on the full TFR after holiday but may use the maintenance products for a while instead. Can't wait for my hands to warm up though!


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S: 116.1kg C: 76.66kg G: 66.7kg BMI: 25.7 Loss: 39.5kg(33.98%)
My hands and feet go cold and I got cramp in my legs and feet so I do think they are side effects but not everybody gets them, I was more prone to the cramps when exercising, but the weren't bad and soon passed.

Good luck with the next 11 weeks, that is determination, good on you for making that commitment, some of us just take 1 day at a time and get through a week at a time.

Jo x