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Help! Going out 3 times next week!

Hello everyone
Got mad week ahead of me. It is my BF bday and I am going out three times to eat next week. Wed - tapas, Thur-sushi and Friday probably French restaurant. Not very diet friendly thing to do!
Have you got any ideas how I could play with my points and survive coming week?
I am on 18 points a day and know I will have a drink on wed and Thursday. How shall I plan my menu for whole week. All ideas welcome!
Thank you very much for your help!
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none of those sound like particularly easy places to dine.. i would suggest trying to save a couple of points each day you are not going out, and putting those towards your meals out, same with activity points - earn a few so you can afford more at your meals, and if thats not enough, then maybe make a zero point soup, chilli or stir fry to have for lunch on the days you go out xxx
Thank you for replies. I am planning on cutting down sun, Mon and Tuesday to 14 points, so will have 12 saved plus some exercise. And wed, Thursday, frid have a very low point breakfast (1.5) and lunch (3points) and plenty of 0 point soup. Do you think it is a good idea???

Had a look in EOG and know what the best choices would be. But then still will go a bit over my points:(

I think I will need to exercises it of like Rachael said:/
though really if you think about it, its one week.. even if you go over a little, as long as you get back on track afterwards, is it imperative that you have a loss? i think its 5/6 points per day that you add if you want to STS each week.. so you could aim for an STS if you know you are going to have a tough week? x
You are right. It is only one week. It is nice to go out but I hate idea of people asking "why are you not eating that?" or nagging me to have another drink. I think I am a bit paranoid and being too serious with points counting. I dont mind STS next week. I am just trying to prevent a gain:)

Rachael, you seem like you know a lot so I will take my chance and ask another question. When you reach a goal weight how many more points you are allowed to maintain?:)
In theory, 6 - although I think different people will have different tolerance levels.

Have a lovely week next week -I would go with Rach's suggestion of aiming for a STS - which means an extra 42pts across the week for your meals out.
Thanks. 6 points more a day to maintain is not bad. In a week scale 42 gives plenty of flexibility when planning a menu:) Looking forward not to achieve my goal weight and have more points:) But firsty I need to survive coming week:)
You'll be absolutely fine cos you are thinking about it ahead of time rather than just saying at the end of the week "oh, well, can only expect a gain as I have been out so much"

Lovely avatar by the way - very pretty lady!
its cheating i know but around christmas when i had a few times like this i did a couple of days with slimfast shakes, for breakfast and lunch then out at night. just another thought, but like everyone has said main thing is you're planning not just saying 'sod it' and blowing the whole week.

good luck


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mommyB: It is good idea with slimfast shakes. It is difficult to carry with me a 0 point soup everywhere. Will have a look at points in sf shakes and chose what will be the best and the easier for this week. Have to go to uni on tues and wed so need to take all food with me to do as low points as possible.
Thanks again:)

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