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Help going over syns with wine


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you need to decide whehter having wine is essential to you in your life and understand that having it every night going over your syns every day you wont loose the weight. there are other alcoholic drinks that are lower in syns - spirits and a diet mixer. if wine is what you love why not have white wine spritzer or (and i know it sounds gross) red wine with diet coke (try it you will b pleasantly surprised)

i know that the reason i personally am back at slimming world is mainly drinking. im a cider girl and every night my partner and i would have a few cans each, thats over 20 syns at leasat every day i was having, not including the food i was eating on top that was putting the weight on. you just need to decide whether or not its worth it


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I would suggest making sure you have enough syns to cover it and if you dont, dont have any!

Maybe have a glass every other day rather than every day?


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I have to agree with the others Hun...do you really need it? Why not limit yourself to have so many glasses and thats all. Your OH needs to be supportive with you on this one as well.


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i did have the same problem my way around it is to not have any during the week and look forward to having a drink at weekends. I also dont feel i need to use too many syns on food therefore i save them up ready for weekend. It does work for me - although easter was a long weekend dont know if i will lose this week! Im not a chocolate person so a gain will only be caused by alcohol.
If you are drinking wine with dinner every night, then it is a habit. And habits CAN be broken.

Why not decide to buy a really good bottle of wine and have it as a treat one night a week?


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Seems you have several options available...

If the drink HAS to be wine as opposed to something lower synned then you can either have low/free syn meals/snacks during the day and keep all your daily syns for wine - but ensure you stick to your maximum 15 syns;
OR you could have it as a spritzer, little wine topped up with diet lemonade which is syn free then you get a better return in terms of amount of drinks compared to syns used;
OR you could hunt around for the lowest syn wine you can find and stick to that;
OR you can cut down the amount of days you have the wine, every other day maybe, or just at the weekend, and do a bit of flexi-synning.

But if the wine isn't as important as the company you are keeping then just switch the wine out for something syn free - any diet fizzy drink, any sugar free squash, etc and keep the extra syns for your food during the day.

Ultimately if you want to lose weight you'll need to stick to plan, and to stick to plan you need to do something.

And more importantly, if you are relying on your drink of wine every night and can't go without it there is a good chance you have a problem with the drink anyway and need to be seeking help on that front too.

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Agree with the others on this one hun - trust me, I was drinking wine every night with the OH and it is a habit more than anything else! I like the feel of a glass of wine with meals but now for most of the week say 4 out of the 7 days I don't touch alcohol, but have a Diet Coke in a wine glass! Sometimes our classes are more like AA as we all like a drink, but I know for me personally, if I cut back on the booze I lose weight! You don't have to give it up totally but cutting down will be good for your health and wealth! xx


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I have nothing to add as everyone has said it - unfortunately we have to make choices when we want to change something and for me SW means making the least changes in the sense that I don't have to count points and I can snack between meals etc.
I also save syns for the weekend so that I can have a drink and always have soda in my wine wine - diet lemonade is far too sweet if you, like me enjoy a dry wine.

It is difficult to break habits and it's such a sociable thing to have a drink with your partner with a meal in the evenings
Good luck and let us know how you get on x
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I too like a glass of wine each evening. I have one suggestion.

What I did is buy myself a glass (from the charity shop) which will hold 100mls of wine. That way I'm still having my 'glass' of wine only its smaller & less syns :D

This glass is now called my mid-week glass, I have a bigger one for weekends:D


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oh, you just answered my question i asked on another thread! :)


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I too am a slave to the vino, I've cut it out in the week mostly now, but if I do I dilute with diet lemo or soda to make it last longer... I just keep telling myself how good I will feel on the scales if I lose that week (and how good I will feel getting up for work without wine head...!) xx


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I had the same issue, I love to end my day with a glass (OR 2) of good wine.... how I got round it was I got some fresh mint and made half a jug of diet lemonade and added fruit and mint as if a pimms but without the pimms.... and then after dinner I have a tea or a hot chocolate! hope this helps... I did find it hard but make the decision and stick to it but make sure you replace it with something you like... good luck xx


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Don't know if I should admit to this but I have wine most nights. I agree with the others that have said you have to make choices but I also have always spent most of my adult life on a diet!

I have lost just over 2 stones since May 2009. I have lost my Mum during that time too and had a 'blip"! but I have got back on it and want it to be for good.

I have just given away all my size 16 clothes and donot intend to ever buy them again! The choice I make at the moment is to have wine but to becareful with the other Carbs I have. I do red days and am careful about my sins. Most of my sins are used to for wine. I know that this is not seen as healthy in general but my health has improved as my blood pressure has come down and I feel much more positive in my self.

I have cut down my wine intake over the last few weeks as my weight lost slowed down . I guess sometimes we all find what works for us. I have a friend who doesn't drink when she is trying to lose weight as she carn't live without chocolate! Me I can !

Good Luck x


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I like a glass aswell, and as already said, i have a long spritzer with diet lemonade. Or i switch to rum and diet coke, which is less syns and also works out cheaper as a bottle lasts a whole lot longer than a bottle of wine, trouble is once i open a bottle of wine it is hard to leave it alone, with spirits i have one or two then stop, because i feel i have had enough naughty stuff.
Have you tried alcohol free wine?(i can hear the groan). I can't have any alcohol(allergy) and I have the Eisberg one. Its not nasty like a lot of them. They do white/red/rose in Asda and white in Tesco.The syns are low -1 syn per 125ml glass but you still get the taste. Maybe you could try it in the week and keep the real stuff for the weekend as a treat.


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I have a small glass (125ml) as part of my syns most days. You have to make the choice of how to spend your syns and if you choose wine, then something else has to go. What is annoying, though, is that the glass sizes on the online syns calculator have changed so they no longer give the values for a glass this size (unless I'm missing something). A 125ml glass of red used to be listed as 4.5 syns, so still leaves room for other things.

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