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Help! Green day and Healthy Extras

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by Llamasoks, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Well-Known Member

    Hi wonderful people of Slimming World!

    Wondering if someone an help, I normally do EE, and can't fathom much about Red and Green, but I think you get 2 lots of healthy Extras, if I list my food so far today, if it fitted with a green day could I be obscenely cheeky and have more Healthy extras, or would that screw my diet up?

    So far I've had;
    Breakfast: Weetabix (HeB) and milk (HeA)
    Lunch: 1 banana. spinach and Quorn chicken fillet salad with a dollop of ketchup.

    I think that fits in with a green day, but if someone can clarify those points for me I'd be forever in your debt!

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  3. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Well-Known Member

    Hi there!

    Yes so far you're on a green day so if your dinner tonight fitted in with the green plan then you would need to have another hex b and you could also have another hex a if you wanted. Hope that helps :)
  4. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Well-Known Member

    This can be a Green or EE day (so far), but if you wanted it to be green then you would have another HEXA and HEXB.
  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Well-Known Member

    Lifesavers thank you, for some reason all I wanted to eat yesterday was bread, so was hoping I could!

  6. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

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