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I will be skinny again!!!
It does get alot easier rachel!!
day 2 and 3 were ok for me, today was difficult, But honestly, Fill up on lots of water and black coffee.. And think about what your doing this for and you will be fine :D xx

My Names Rach, i started lipotrim today and so far am craving just about anything .... please tell me the thought of food gets better??? I need to loose about 5 stone just to get to 11 stone something :cry:
Hi rach
1st of all calm down:D It will get better. You will find lots of support here from others :talk017:who will fill you with OODLES OF CONFIDENCE:party0011:/. Before you know it you will be feeling better. It is a bit daunting, especially if you have not done it beforE and it is rather unconventional, but VERY GOOD!!
1Keep drinking the water.
2Read the bumph on the programme,
3Most importantly
get on this site and meet other people who will back you all the way.
Speak to you soon:D:talk017:
Heya, it does get better, stay with it the worst will be over in a few days. Its just your body adjusting.

We have similar weight to loose, i hope all goes well for you, and am more than happy to be your buddy :D:D:D:D

My Names Rach, i started lipotrim today and so far am craving just about anything .... please tell me the thought of food gets better??? I need to loose about 5 stone just to get to 11 stone something :cry:
Hi Rach and :welcome2: to Minimins.
What you are feeling is only natural. Once you hit ketosis you will have oodles of energy and feel great:D The first week is the hardest.
Just keep drinking plenty and keep occupied and remember we are all here to help each other, afterall were all in the same boat ;)
See I told you so before you know it everyone is here to help. Thats what is wonderfuull about this place, and you will find that out yourself . Keep with it it does get better.I promice!:D:D:D


I will be skinny again!!!

If you need anything theres always some one online for you to talk to chick!! xxx


Getting thinner everyday!
Yes, keep with it. It is worth it. You may feel rotten for a few days but....it's only a few days even though it feels awful whilst you're going through it. Just remember it's a few days of feeling awful to improve your health for the long term.

And if you feel like you're going to crumble, come on here and hve a read of all the members signatures who have been on it a few weeks and lost sooooo much weight. It's a real motivator

Alex :)
hiya! and welcome!
promise it gets better! if it doesnt then your most welcome to chase me round the block! I felt like that when I started and thought I'd scoff everything in sight.. but it goes away! once your in ketosis you'll be loving it x

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Hi welcome to the board!
It really does get easier ( I know you prob don't believe as at the moment lol) get through the 1st week, have your 1st weigh in and you'll see how worthwhile the 1st week was!
It only gets easier xx
your best bet hun is to every time you feel hungry, down a gass of water and "drown" your hunger pains

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Hi and welcome it really does get better, you will see after the first week.XX
It definitely gets better, and as soon as you see a great result at the scales next week you will know that it has all been worth it. Keep on with the water, and I found peppermint tea helped too, with a bit of sweetner to give you that kick.


Here we go again!
Well done Rach for choosing Lipotrim. You've made a great decision. After the first week, the wi will really spur you on and the cravings do get better.

Any questions just ask and the experienced LTers will have the answers for you. They are great and very inspirational. Good luck, it really is worth it. You can do it!
Just hang in there and you will see the results for yourself. Im on my 10th day and I lost 6lbs in my first week. I saw the great weight losses that other members had which motivated me & once you are in ketosis - honestly you wont feel hungry. Just keep a bottle of water with you to sip on.


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Welcome and Goodluck :banana dancer:

It will get easier, just stick it out and it will be worth it in the end chick xx

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