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Im so scared this is all going horribly wrong and that I've learned NOTHING!!!

I started wk 3 rtm today and had a small apple and then later on a handful of grapes and strawberries and Ive been on a binge ever since - I dont know what to do I must have eaten about 10 apples and Ive finished all the strawberries and most of the grapes. Ive got a tummy ache and am completely bloated but I would STILL SHOVE MORE IN...have I learned NOTHING over the last 10 months?? I feel like sobbing - I've stuck to this programme and believed in it totally but I feel so out of control now. Ive done a thought record, Ive written down all the reasons why I love being slim but I feel like a drug addict craving the next fix. Does anyone have any advice please? I cant cant cant go back to being 8st overweight again but all the demons are still there lurking Im scared...
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OK, first take a deep breath. Calm.

OK, so -you went nuts with way too much fruit.....you will not put hte 8 stone back on for that, but you must grab hold of those reins now...and regain control.

You could have done much much worse then fruit. You must have triggered something and the inner child came racing out with a vengeance, so have a good look at what might be bringing that on.

I would suggest a call to your LLC as well, she will be able to help you.

But don't panic hon - this, like anhy other mistake anyone might have on LL, is all part of the learning stages. I am certain you have learned - you are just now putting it into practice....and you went a little nuts.,

I was eating loads of fruit too the first few weeks - because we could, because it was SO SO SOOOOOOOOOO lovely, and so new again. I didn't have any binges, or loss of control, but I am pretty certain you are not the first.....and it in NO WAY SIGNIFIES THE END!!! Get that in your head right now Mrs!!

But really, I would call your LLC, she can see you or advise ou on the phone, with the best practice advise.

I can appreciate how scared you are feeling. But I also know how badly you want this, and you didn;t binge on chocolate, or crisps....so really, you are still doing very well.

Tomorrow is a new day - start it with a POSITIVE Atrtitude about what youa re going to do TOMORROW....NOT what youd id today.

Ket us know how you get on...and good luck hon. Don't be scared - you will come out on top. I know it. :)



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Thanks BL - I feel a lot more in control and positive today but Im worried because I felt positive yesterday morning too. I feel like the fruit just triggered something and I went mad. I am going to give my counsellor a call later and go along to one of the pop ins tomorrow morning too. Thanks for your reply and wise words I really appreciate it x


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My dear! Don't worry, take this day as a new day and don't feel guilty.
You know what though? It's the grapes! (for me it was anyway, they have a high sugar content as far as I know?) I did exactly the same thing as you: I had some grapes which ended up in a binge of anything I could find! Been avoiding grapes ever since. :D Get some sugar-free jellies, those had an opposite effect on me, when I was a bit peckish and it wasn't time for food, I had a Jelly and felt satisfied!


Really... all worries aside, you're learning something. These few weeks of RTM you will be experiencing these sorts of feelings, temptations - echoes of previous behaviours.. but you need to recognise them for what they are, learn from them and change them - because now you have the means to do so. I definitely remember how much I actually learned about my eating habits in those first 4-5 weeks of RTM. It was a very eye-opening experience. Don't be scared of it, embrace it. :)
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HI Twinny,

This happened to me a good few times during RTM... Treat it like a learning experience. It will not undo all the good, hard work you have done. RTM is a time to learn about these kind of experiences, and how to deal with them.

Try and think about what led up to the 'binge', and how you were feeling.

I found that being full was a trigger for me...


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Hi Twinny

Funny thing is I have to be very very careful with apples, they make me want more and more. Any other fruit I seem to be fine with.

Maybe apples just trigger something in you.

Hang in there honey, the fact that you only had fruit has to say you learned something.


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Thank you all SO much - I dont think I could have done this without the support of this website. Ive read so many comments and people experiences over the last 11 months.

I have decided that apples, grapes and feeling full are all 'triggers' for me. Im amazed at the 'feeling full' one though..:confused: it was so weird feeling full / bloated after so many months in abstinence that I hated it at first...but after about 30/40 minutes I wanted more...and more.... so odd!


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Feeling full... I know that feeling, it's that eternal hunger we have to fight... No matter how full we feel, we could eat more because it's all so tasty, we want, we can't stop ourselves. There's always some corner that feels hungry, right? ...
I actively avoid grapes now, apples I'm fine with personally. :) My advice would be avoid buying finger foods like berries at least for now, and stick to solid PACKAGED things, if you buy a pack of dry fruit you'll be more tempted to pick at it because the packet is open. If it's a sealed small portion at a time you'll probably be less likely to over do it...
Maybe this will help you, just sort of plan ahead in those ways. Learn what triggers you : BY ALL MEANS don't be scared of a binge. Move on, and learn from it. A little binge that you remember the experience from will save you 100 binges in the long run.
All positive little steps towards long-term maintenance hun. Don't freak out, just take the new day as it comes, learning every step of the way.


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I'm sitting here crying my eyes out now...I just did a search on my name to see any posts I made on RTM and have found all the ones I made. How could I have been so stupid... :cry::cry::cry:

Back on the wagon and I've got to make sure I LISTEN this time :break_diet:
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:cry:thank you for this post, I am struggling with the full feeling, only just joined RTM and the full feeeling is making me want to eat more.... i know i am full but cannot bring myself to leave any......feel as if i learnt nothing at all.....feel like i've completely lost control.


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
LL Total can have that effect. I urge you to look at the foods that are 'new' and assess the chemical which may be driving you to over-eat like this. I had a problem with sugary things, so fruit and low-fat yoghurt (they add sugar to put texture back in!). No sugar added jellies did the trick for me and I introduced sugary things at a slower pace as soon as I was ready to handle them.

The other effect that you are experiencing is your body coming out of a self-preservation state in which your body has shut down non-vital processes (hair/nail growing, self-heating) and therefore has become accustomed to little energy coming in. The process of ketosis burns fat for fuel instead and also keeps us NOT hungry. Now that actual energy is slowly being introduced - your body WILL wake up. It will suddenly realise that 'FAMINE' is over and it will try to accumulate as much energy as possible to prepare for the next 'famine'. Chemically it is going to go a little crazy and you will definitely feel mroe hungry as your body comes out of ketosis more often.

If you resist the crazy cravings/need/want just for 2-3 weeks, maybe calorie count? Your body/brain WILL calm down.

The third issue is of course the easiness of the packs. They created a clear structure - 4 packs per day - at certain times of day - no deviation. When actual food is introduced that wreaks havoc on that mentality. All of a sudden the greater, bigger "FOOD" is added which breaks the balance. We don't view food on individual terms at this point, it's just a HUGE BIG MESS! Remember to try to stick to your 'pack' meal TIMES, never eat outside of when you actually ate your foodpack. Start thinking of "dinner" as a "foodpack". So your little portion of chicken + salad IS your NEW FOODPACK. That thing that fits so nicely on a small plate. Measure out your portion (calorie wise) at first to know what your portion size should be. Perhaps borrow a LLLite booklet for a rough guide for this - the booklet has some great meal ideas in it for lunches and dinners :) . if you know what's on your plate - you know it's absolutely fine for you to finish it all! No guilt attached. The guilt comes in when we lose track of what we've had.
4 packs = we know exactly what we've eaten. 3 packs + food = suddenly without measuring, we will feel out of control, guilt comes in to having 'failed' and 'ruined everything' = 'might as well keep going' binge. ...
So, stop, keep to meal-times, measure your food. Eliminate any shadow of a doubt of your own control over the situation.

At least... in theory. eh :)
Hello people.

I have done exactly the same and i am so angry with myself. i am talking to my councillor on sunday. I have learn't stuff on here how to get over it. thank you guys x (I will let you know how I get on) x

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