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Help Holiday Approaching!!!

I've just realised I've got a month before we are going on holiday and I'm trying not to panic. I've got about 4 or optimistically 5 stone to lose. I've lost about 10lbs over the last 8 weeks so that works out at about a steady 1lb a week but it's not earth shattering. In the past I've lost 10lbs in my first week at both Slimming World and Weight Watchers.
My dilemma is should I go all out and lose as much as I can before my hols or should I just plod on? Either way I won't look like Twiggy but if I do go all out maybe my black swimsuit covered by my black cover up would look a bit better:) (I'm one of those who wears a lot of black because it makes me look slimmer;)).

Common sense says plod on but vanity and panic about baring legs on a beach tells me to go all out.

Any ideas???
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Hi there Joanna88

Have you ever thought of doing Jason Vale's = 7 lbs in 7 days

Its a vegetable juicing & fruit smoothie plan which is soooooo filling you are never hungry and most peeps lose between 8 - 15 lbs in the 7 days.

Its great for a boost to get you on your way

Good luck with it all :cross:
Hi Gypsygirl

Thanks for replying. I've just got the email notification.I really like the Juice Master and I've been to one of his seminars and I've got most of the books including the 7lbs in 7 days. It's a good idea to kickstart my weight loss but I don't think I'm in the right mood to do the full 7 day total juice diet maybe I replace one or two meals a day. Are you a JuiceMaster fan?

Hope you are doing well.

Hi Joanna
Yup, Im a huge fan of his veg juices especially all the wheatgrass & spirilina etc

I did it once last year and lost 12 pounds in that week & mentally felt brilliant !

Im having a beach wedding in Capetown in Oct ( 15 wks away ) so am pulling out all the stops & doing a combi of that plus 'You are what you eat' non processed food / all raw etc

We can do it, just have to visualise and focus I think & not let any mishaps get us down....

Good Luck To You x
Hi, I think you have done really well losing the 10lbs. It can be really hard as I am discovering now! I too am going on holiday in about a month and am in full panic mode! It is probably healthier to lose the weight at about 1-2lbs a week as you are more likely to keep it off but I too would love a quick fix to boost my holiday body confidence!

I bought Jason Vales book but I really struggle with the spirinula. Its so vile. What do you mix it with to make it bearable?
Well done Gypsygirl 12lbs is very inspiring. I was very intersted that you said it made you feel mentally brilliant as well. I bet you will look great for you wedding with or without losing any weight. I have to say I'm getting inspired.... Although I do agree with Arbuthnott that the Spirulina does take a bit of getting used to. Do you have any suggestions Gypsygirl?

What I am going to do is dig out my Jason Vale trampolining DVD. It was a bit too hard when I got it but now I'm a bit fitter I am going to give it another go.

Do you know of anyone that has been on one of his retreats? They sound phenomenal.

Anyway I'm off to find the DVD wish me luck!

Keep up the good work.

Hiya Joanna

I dont know anyone that's gone on his retreats but whenever I feel abit down I always go to his website and look at all the comments from people that have, or done his juicing & that gets me all fired up...

And about the spirilina, well I love it & cant taste it coz I throw it in with :
wheatgrass, physillium husks, bee pollen , aloe vera and all the vege's & fruit listed below.

'pineapple, apple, cucumber, carrot, lime, celery, spinach, beetroot and avocado'

So as you can imagine I dont ever taste the spirilina hahahahaha

After the first 2 days doing the juicing, I BOUNCED (very rare) out of bed, & my mind was sooo switched on and full of clarity, that I was quite taken back. It really did feel like I could of conquered anything !

Oh Why Oh Why did I stop it then and let the outside world get to me....:cry:

I hope everything works out for you soon Joanna and just keep on trucking with what your doing and keep a positive outlook

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