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help! How can I use up all my points

Hi everyone,

Spent most of my life eating junk food..no problem eating loads in one go..quanity, not quality!! Now eating healthy food have trouble using all my points.
I know I have to eat them all, and I am def not starving, in fact very full up.

Any advice or tips, want to stay away for choc, crisps etc as my body needs a break from all that type of food.
Any help would be very much appreciated :)
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fraid i cant help as i find im cooking well and not using much points so always end up with about 8-10pts left over, what about trying to have some kind of dessert after lunch and dinner such as yougurt and banana or aving a smoothie made with milk or yougurt? ive been having a hot choc before bed too to help with craving choc.. even though im not eating junk so far ive included a small choc bar in each day within my points btu i freeze it eat it slowly and enjoy it not gobble down 5 like i used to!

nic x
If you're having trouble eating all your points try things like wholemeal pasta for a snack, fruit and yogurt for desert and things like that. My fav is fruit (0.5pts strawberries, 1pt grapes) and 1pt weight watchers thick cream which is a beautiful after dinner treat while being quite healthy.
Thanks everyone

example of my menus are:

porridge made with milk and topped with raspberries 4pts

3 ryvitas with 180g tuna, large salad 3.5pts
apple- 1pt

clementines 1pts

natural yoghurt with raspberries, tea with milk 3.5pts
2 fruit ryvita, banana, xlight phil light-4pts
ww quiche, large salad- 5.5pts

Have managed to still have 16pts left since monday!!
May try more fruit and yoghurt and a smoothie is a good idea. my daily allow is 22 pts.
Thanks again for advice xx


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weight watchers make yummy frozen puddings for about 3 points each. I have one after dinner if I have enough left, or for an evening treat. :)
Thanks Starlight, not really suppose to eat sugar or wheat, mainly fresh foods. But yes will go for regular philly, I think will make a smoothie later. Suppose its trial and error really.

Thanks for ideas x


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If you change your lifestyle slowly then its more likely to stick so if your used to say full fat milk change it to semi for a few less points then when you drop some points change it to 1% milk and finally skimmed. If you like chocolate you can have some and cut it down slowly as you lose weight and thus lose points.

A wise person said to me once use and enjoy your points because they soon disappear!! I've already lost one point :)

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