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Help...i am on day 3 of lipotrim and struggling!

:( I am on day 3 and am struggling! I have strawberry shakes and chicken soup and i don't mind the taste just feel full up with fluids and not food which feels odd at the moment and i am already craving food. It seems to get worse for me in the evenings and i am wondering if i am going to be able to do this. I work shifts at work also so have to work out when i am going to have sachets on a weekly basis. I am worried i will slip up if the temptation gets too much. Can't seem to take my mind of the fact i am on this diet either which i don't think is helping.

I am only on this for 6 weeks in total until i get measured for my wedding dress - so will have to go back on LT after my honeymoon in July to lose the rest of the weight! I really want to lose the weight and it means a lot to me but I feel a bit down at the moment trying to get used to it and I was in tears on my fiance last night. Has anyone else felt like this? I would love to hear from people as i find this site a comfort and inspiration.
Ju x
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The first week is undoubtably hard.. but stick with it... i was feeling the same as you last week, am now on day 11 and I feel great, no mad cravings or hunger, loads of energy most of the time (except the evening slump where I have a bath... Get peppermint tea as it really helps... you will feel much better in a few days, your body is withdrawing from all the carbs and junk and ofcourse you are going to have some symptoms but stick to your guns and you will feel so much better soon.. promise xxx


I'm losing it big time !!
I really don't know how I got through the first week, I did split my packs in half and actually had four sachets the first two days to get me through which helped. Do everything you can to carry on hun, it wasn't until day 7 that I started feeling good and after that I sailed through it and I'm now coming up to three weeks. Like tasha said you will feel better soon xx

Tasha is right, stick with it and in a day or so you'll feel fine. I've just spent the afternoon in a pub surrounded by the most gorgeous buffet, something that I would normally pick at until I was fit to burst and I didn't even feel the slightest craving! I did have a diet coke though as my sister ordered it for me and the bar was so full that I didn't have the heart to ask her to get me a water. On the subject of diet drinks, just what is so bad about them that they're not included? or sugar-free gum for that matter? I obviously need to do some homework.

Good luck, another day or so and the worst really will be over and you'll already be thinner :)


Here we go again!
Ju, the first week is the hardest as you know. Keep at it and it does get easier. I've now almost completed week 3 and to be honest with you I'm finding it easy now. It's as if it's normal not to be eating. You get used to the shakes and like some others have said, you actually look forward to having them.

If you can get through this first week it will be worth it. For the first week all I could think about was being on this diet. After a couple of weeks that gets less and less and it really does get easier.

Good luck and try to carry on. You know the results will be worth it and come your wedding you will look amazing.
Yep - you are doing the right thing! You are on here rather than giving in and eating! Find something to keep you busy, watch a film or chat to someone. If you want to watch a film this website allows you to watch films without actually having to download them, http://www.watch-movies.net/release_date/ I find it passes the time!


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Hi Ju, i am on day 3 also (I got my weigh in next tuesday). This morning I felt fab, and even posted a thread about depression. This afternoon I wanted some quiet time, so went up to my bedroom to read and stupidly fell asleep for an hour. I woke up feeling horrible. Really really hungry, headachy and spaced out. I had to come down and cook tea for my partner and kids and it was soooo hard! I purposely cooked them something I didnt like (but they love) and I even craved that!

yesterday I cooked a cottage pie for them, but did it in the morning when I had more energy, so i guess that helped, all i had to do last night was put it in the oven and walk away.

Please please dont give up, I have zero willpower and I do feel right now that im paddling up stream. But reading everyones posts there has to be light at the end of the tunnel!

Best of luck for your first week xx


Here we go again!
Demaris, you can't have zero willpower to have got to day 3. I don't think anybody on here found the first week really easy. It does get better though. Like you said there is light at the end of the tunnel and having your first wi will really spur you on. I can't wait for my wi's now. Stick at it and keep logging on here to get the inspiration to help you carry on. Only you can do this for yourself and it will be so worth it in the end. Good luck and keep going.
On the subject of diet drinks, just what is so bad about them that they're not included? or sugar-free gum for that matter? I obviously need to do some homework.

Carbohydrates and citric acid. Keep away!!

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