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Help I cant stop cheating with chicken

:help2:I am supposed to be on SS but since I learned that chicken does not diturb ketosis I cant stop eating it. I ate some chicken and fish (very tiny peices) last night and told my self that I would draw a line under it and not cheat anymore.

Well this morning I started my day off with a 30min workout on my elliptical cross trainer to ease theguilt and an chance that I had done damage by cheating. I did'nt cheat all day and stuck to my food packs, mint tea and water although I still have not finished my water. (I am really struggling with the water) So I thought I had over come the temptation to eat. But after putting the kids to bed I found my self going to the fridge to pick just 'a teeny weeny' peice of chicken. I ended up eating half a breast of chicken and wanted to eat more but thought about the 9lb loss I had last week and how much I do not want to ruin my progress. I dont even feel hungry I just want to eat for the fun of it.
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I've gone through a few chicken-pickin' phases too.

Simple solution - you can't eat what isn't there. Sling any remaining cooked chicken or fish in the bin. Honestly - just get up and do it now! It's far more of a waste to start on a bad slope down when you're doing so well. If you need chicken for the children, cook it from raw and get rid of any scraps. Don't put anything that can be nibbled at in the fridge.

We're strong people to do this diet but we're only human. Give yourself a fighting chance and don't have temptation under your nose :)


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Haha thats great advice!

Because I too have been a picking on a bit of chicken! But now... there's none in the fridge and I cant be bothered to walk to the shop to buy some.. so no choice than to not have any ;)

It works!!!


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definately only cook what u need and if u do end up with a fair amount of left over...make it straight up into a buttery sandwich for the kids to share later. u wont pick leftovers if its covered in bread and butter.

generally tho...well done on only picking at that. at least it wasnt choc or crisps etc. u r currently having about 420cals a day so at most, ur picking took u to 500kcals. hardly worth worrying about. more importantly, u just dont wanna get into the habit of picking at all as its a slippery slope. forget the chicken, it was nothing but now u know ur crooked thinking is that u can pick at stuff as long as it'll keep u in ketosis, definately take steps to make sure it isnt available to you.

well done on the weightloss...thats a great amount and u sound like u r well up for shifting the rest so congrats and good luck xxx


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I myself do not throw away any remainding cooked anything because i dont always want to be this way (fat) so i'm teaching myself that just because its there does not mean i must eat/pick it. If you want to lose and KEEP IT OFF you must learn to resist hun.

I LOVE crisps( thats how i piled on weight grrr) and with kids( one who is diabetic and needs snacks through the day) i always have them in the house and i am learning to resist them yayyyy for when i'm off this diet.

Bagpuss you are so funny. It's nice to know that I am not the only one to suffer from this phase. The chicken is in the bin now and I will be buying it less often. The kids will enjoy the change.

carebear1 you really aredisciplined. I have been able to resist the biscuits, chips, chocolate and I even sat in McDonalds with the kids and just sipped my water :eek: I find it hard to resist chicken-pickin because I know that I will still be in ketosis and I am just plain greedy. I will do as Karen and arcticmonkeys suggest and just keep away from the chicken untill I can keep myself under control! Thanks ladies.

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