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Help! I cant stop eating!!


I WILL be thin!!
As it says, I cant stop eating today. So far I've had porridge and summer berries, a banana, an omelette and now a kitkat and its only just gone 10.30am!! I've also drank buckets of coffee. I feel a slippery slope coming! What am I doing to do? I dont know what I crave but I know it should be 'bad' food. So far, Im 5.5syns down :(
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That sounds like a standard morning for me when I am earlys! You are still within your sins having a kit kat. Try & have "naughty" sin free stuff such as sin free chips or sin free rice pudding



I WILL be thin!!
Oooohh whats syn free rice pudding. I've had my milk for the day though :(


Is so doing it this time
Hiya Trueblue

I know where your coming from, you might be within limits at the moment but disaster is coming and you can feel it approaching...... I know this because it was me on Friday!! :eek:

Go out, go anywhere just go! :wave_cry: Leave the house. Or get people in.... if your like me and there are people around your may be able to control yourself. Is there someone you can visit perhaps?

My suggestion would me stay out of the kitchen away from food. If you have children to fed maybe your partner could do it. And maybe busy yourself...... stay on here!

I really hope you can avoid it. Perhaps if I tell you what I had it will help..... well confessions are good for the soul :eek: ...... it started with a tiny bit of pizza and a few chips.... wotsits, crisps, kitkat, crunchie, chocolate bics, choc chip muffin, and a full blown chinese take away! And yesterday I had to eat the last crunchie (I had the first one from a four pack and gave 2 to the children) just to get rid of it. And that was on top of all the "normal free food"!!!!

Hun DONT DO IT....... resist....... look at the damage I did. And it doest actually hit the spot cos I didn't know what I was craving either!!

Good luck xxx
I don't use milk

I cook some pudding rice in just enough to cover the rice cook & until absorbed then mix either vanilla yog or fromage frais flavoured with vanilla essence & sweetner to taste. Careful not to let the yog/fromage frais curdle. You can use normal rice but pudding is nicer

Enjoy xx


I WILL be thin!!
Oooohhhhhh I going to try that!!
You can do it :)

Put the kitkat down!! Did you eat that because you were hungry or because you were bored?

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly is really the best method of losing weight! Stop buying into all these fad diets and save yourself money too!!


I WILL be thin!!
Emma, I had tried everything HEX and free...it was a last resort :( I ate it as Im craving food!
I had a lull and now its back!! I'm going to try that syn-free rice pudding before I end up going out for some chocolate!
hiya, i m having a bad week as well, my sister just told me how to stop the sweet craving, and boy does it work, the answer is eat a sweetner on its own and it puts you off anything sweet. it worked for me today.
Well, at least I havent resorted to the 4 tubs of Ben and Jerrys that are in the freezer, which is our pre-holiday treat next week, yet.:D Theres Phish Food screaming my name! :(
Leave the ben & jerrys alone :p
I know how you feel though. I am having a bad day today and keep thinking about food. Especially the cookies and cream icecream in the freezer....


Just doing it this time
Ive had an eating day too - my first in 4 weeks on the plan - but I'e managed to keep my syns to 8 - so still officially have 7 left - planning on a chicken salad and a couple of mullers after tea - hope it satisfies me though.
Well, I had the synfree rice pudding - interesting :) but didnt satisfy the craving. Ive just had a huge plate of SW cheesy chips and egg and still for 9.5syns left. I'm getting there. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
They were ;)

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