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HELP? I dont think it works for me?

Hi all. I registered a while ago and have been lurking for weeks. A few friends of mine are JUDDDing and seeing great results, even though they appear to being lax with their actual cals.

I'm finding it incredibly frustrating - I'm sticking to 2000cals absolute max (usually more like 1700) and 500 on a DD, no 2 UD or DDs together, and when I've had an event upcoming have slipped in an ID (1250 or so) - only 3 times this has happened.

Anyways I've been doing this for 6 weeks now and am stuck at 3lbs loss, which is what i lost in week 1! I've had a couple of STS weeks and even a gain or 2 and am losing heart.

I'm 5ft 6 and this morning weighed 12st 1.5, this was after an UD yesterday, am DD today - 2 celebrity slim shakes @ 211cals and a minibabybel at 40 but tbh am looking for some insipration.

I use myfitnessplanner and log EVERYTHING i eat, starting to think there's something wrong with me as my friends who have less to lose than I are at 8, 10 lbs loss in the same period

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance :confused:
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I think you might be being too strict with yourself, I'm fairly new to this way of eating but I think that restricting your calories on an up day can have a negative effect on your weight loss. Try having a few up days where you don't count what you're eating (still count DD) and see how you get on.

You have said it yourself, your friends are being lax on their UP s but seeing results, I always aim for at least 2000 on an UP hun, remember you are not on a diet on your UP days , use it as an experiment , eat freely on your UPs for a week and see what happens. That said don't go beserk just eat till satisfied like Dr Johnson says, you also have to remember that this diet is well renowned for Non Scale Victories too so look out for those. Good luck x
How many DD's are you having? The best losers seem to stick to just 3. I'm wondering why you restrict your cals before 'an event'? You should stick to UD & DD...although some do intermediate days at the weekend. Do you exercise? Retaining water in the muscles if you are working out can mask weight loss. There are quite a lot of reasons why its not working for you.
Hi little miss,

As already said, I think you are definitely being too strict with the UD calories. I don't count my calories on an UD and I eat all sorts of food, just stop when I am full. Tonight was a chippy tea yum yum!

Just relax, and don't 'over think' it on an UD ..... It is a great diet, but the whole idea is that you enjoy it and that it doesn't rule your life.

Give it a go for 1 week and steer clear from ' my fitness pal ' on the UD's ...... You may find it helps.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

Hi Little Miss Messiah, I know exactly how you feel. I had a 5lb loss on my first week, since then I've been much the same as you, and been on it for six weeks too. I've tried it both ways, counting calories on UP days/not counting on UP days, between 400/500 calories on down days but the weight isn't moving. I'm going on my hols tomorrow for over two weeks and think I'll go back to low carbing when I get back and once I get down to the weight I am happy with maintain it by doing JUDDD as that's the way JUDDD is working for me at the moment. Hope it starts working for you.
Hi all. I've relaxed on my UDs, (it is very hard to do tho I must admit). Making sure my DDs don exceed 500, et voila, 3lbs off! Think its the difference between the 2 days that causes the losses, and at 1700 the difference wasnt enough, maybe? Anyways, thanks for all your advice, am sure i'll be back soon with more questions (and hopefully success stories)
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, you have to embrace Juddd for it to work and you have well done xx
how are you finding things now hun xxxxx
Hi - yes, am perservering, it is steady away, am resisting the dreaded daily weigh as seemed to lose and gain the same blummin pound over and again! Find the DDs a lot easier than the UDs tbh, I have around 6 weeks worth of Celebrity slim Shakes I got cheap earlier in the year, 2 of those and either 2 babybel lights, a mullerlight or a packet of Skips. I work a 9 day shift pattern so its a bit tricky, but again DDs are easier when I'm working - theres no canteen or anything to offer temptation :)
Well at least h will know one way or other hub xx
MissieCB said:
Well at least h will know one way or other hub xx
Lol Hun!!